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Two New Original Paintings from Jasmine - Skeletons, Portholes & more!

Hi everyone!

Now, tonight I have TWO NEW original paintings to show you - a BIG new creepy/sad skeleton painting called "I'm Almost With You"...... and also the latest from my Portholes to Fantasy series - "Portholes to Fantasy #5" (in a unique porthole frame). Both are up for auctions starting at just one penny!

To skip reading and see all the NEW original paintings - click below - I have some BEAUTIFUL originals up right now and will be adding more soon:

Click for original paintings

All right, the first new original painting! "I'm Almost With You"! I'm Almost With You - a very personal piece for me, harping along themes I've no doubt explored before (check out my "Shallow Grave"). Kind of a sweet painting of a girl lying on the forest floor alongside a skeleton, while monarch butterflies make their journey above them. This one might beg a lot of questions - who is the skeleton? Why isn't it buried? Was it somebody important to her? How did they die? Is it just a Halloween decoration? Only she knows for sure. I love this one. For some reason I named it after the same-titled song by The Church (great song). It is a 16"x20" original painting on a 2" deep gallery cradled masonite panel - no frame needed, ready to hang! And yes - this original painting starts at just ONE PENNY up for a 10-day auction ending the evening of Friday, February 11th at 8:30PM Central Time - you can see the original piece below here:

"I'm Almost With You" 16"x20" ORIGINAL PAINTING

I'm making the "I'm Almost With You" prints available NOW on Zazzle - If the original isn't in your budget, grab one of these!

Prints & Posters of "I'm Almost With You"

"Portholes to Fantasy #5" one of my slightly larger mini-portholes but matching them quite nicely - she is so lovely! Another fun collaboration between me & my husband Matt, the fourth in a series of "Fantasy Porthole" paintings (he carves, cuts & finishes the frames, and I do the paintings!) You may have noticed my obsession with Nautilus shells, and I've of course included one in here with a beautiful big eyed mermaid! The frame makes this piece particularly spectacular - a striking "porthole" frame (so neat!) carved & finished by in an antiqued "oil rubbed bronze" dark metallic paint finish. Then the painting itself is an original acrylic painting on a masonite panel. It is about 10" at its widest width, about an inch thick, very proud of this one! Matt has added a hanger on the back, so it is READY TO HANG! And yes - this original painting also starts at just ONE PENNY up for a 10-day auction ending the evening of Saturday, February 12th at 5:35 PM Central Time - you can see the original piece below here:

"Portholes to Fantasy #5" ORIGINAL PAINTING

To see any other original paintings of mine, just click below::

All Jasmine's Originals are HERE

Also - my brother-in-law Chris over at Magical_Figurines has yet more wonderful auctions up - all starting at a penny - for some unique limited edition collectibles, hand embellished stretched canvas prints, one of my Ashton-Drake dolls & more! Very nice and extremely new stuff up right now - check everything out at Magical_Figurines here:

New Stuff at Magical_Figurines

Until next time...

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