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Important Vacation Info, NEW #01 STRETCHED Canvases - Now Ready To Hang

Hi everyone!

An important update tonight - firstly a head's up that I'm going to be out of town next week (our last shipment will be Monday morning before we return on the 30th). Secondly - we've made the decision to offer complimentary stretching & hanging on all of my #01 Lt. Ed. Canvas auctions and I have NINE of my new paintings up as the #01 canvases tonight, each starting at a penny. Yes, upon request we will stretch the canvases upon boards & add hanger for the winner (so they are ready to hang even if you don't want a frame, very easy). Or if you want them flat/rolled, the old way, that's fine too. Again, there are NINE new Hand Painted Lt. Ed. Canvas prints - each is the #01 print, up for a penny on eBay (optional free stretching now included!)- "Divine Hand," "Speak No Evil," "Alice in a Van Eyck Portrait," "Silver Eyed Wolf," "Alice and the Bosch Monsters," "Anise and Artemisia," "Two Cute Dragonlings," "Les Vampires: Les Crânes " and "Storm Chaser" are now up!

***PLEASE NOTE: Matt & I are going to be out of town, out of the country & possibly away from computers this next week. Our last shipping day will be Monday Morning (morning of the 24th). This means that if you have an unpaid order or are placing a new order you would like shipped before we leave, we NEED to get your payment in by Noon Eastern Time on Sunday (January 23rd, tomorrow). Otherwise, no hurry, you'll just have to wait until after we get back on the 30th and we'll ship then. In the meantime too, my eBay store is in vacation/hibernation mode. This means the fixed price listings have "disappeared" and will "reappear" when we get back home. It does not however affect my actual auctions (including all the new canvases in this email!) - so PLEASE bid as usual - I will be back home in time for the auctions to end and to ship with zero delay.***

Next - you asked for it, you got it! I'm now offering free stretching & hangers on any of my #01 Lt. Ed. Canvas auctions. This means you can open up your package and hang up your canvas on the wall immediately without having to frame it or mount it. Just like how I have them at my art shows & conventions. (Don't worry, if you prefer the usual way of me sending them rolled up and flat, that's fine - just let me know after winning which way you prefer). This is remarkably easy - all you need is a nail on the wall, lol. With the stretched canvases you may notice that the sizes are slightly smaller, this is because we need to print the images smaller by an inch on the sides to allow for stretching around the wood. The sides of the stretched canvases are black, and the hanger on the back is wire (done by Matt). This also makes it easier if you do want them framed (ie, you won't need glass) and perfect if you don't want a frame at all. I have the new #01 Lt. Ed. Canvas Prints for some of my latest paintings - each is one of a kind - hand embellished by me, signed & numbered #01 out of 25. Here is your chance to scoop up the very FIRST one - #01/25 of each edition. Each is starting at a penny, with no reserve, for 10-day auctions ending (after I get back home, so bid with confidence!) Tuesday, February 1st 6:00-6:24 PM Central Time. To see ALL of my #01 canvases all lined up together on eBay - click below:

Jasmine's New #01 Canvas Prints (now with optional STRETCHING available!)

"Alice in a Van Eyck Portrait" Lt. Ed. CANVAS PRINT #01

"Storm Chaser" Lt. Ed. CANVAS PRINT #01

"Les Vampires: Les Crânes" Lt. Ed. CANVAS PRINT #01

"Two Cute Dragonlings" Lt. Ed. CANVAS PRINT #01

"Anise and Artemisia" Lt. Ed. CANVAS PRINT #01

"Alice and the Bosch Monsters" Lt. Ed. CANVAS PRINT #01

"Silver Eyed Wolf" Lt. Ed. CANVAS PRINT #01

"Speak No Evil" Lt. Ed. CANVAS PRINT #01

"Divine Hand" Lt. Ed. CANVAS PRINT #01

And again - if you win one of these canvases, please just let me know after the auction ends (I'll check with you for your preference) whether you'd like the canvas stretched & ready-to-hang, or if you'd like it shipped rolled/flat - either way is included =)

PS - for those of you who are new here - definitely be sure to join up at my Facebook Fanpage below - I post every day with new pictures & projects!

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Until next time...

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