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New Huge Original Alice / Van Eyck Painting, eBay SALE, Last Chance Mad Hatter.....

Hi everyone!

I've got my best painting ever, finally finished, and ready to show you! Tied at the largest size, and the new record for the amount of TIME spend on one painting, lol, this really is a special painting - "Alice in a Van Eyck Portrait" - inspired by the 1434 Arnolfini Wedding - huge & framed and ready to hang, I love it. Posters & Prints are up of her too. In addition (other Alice news) - the LAST - #25 - of my "Alice and the Mad Hatter" Hand Embellished Canvas prints is up for auction - if you ever wanted a canvas of Alice and the Mad Hatter, this is your last chance. Next up new eBay SALE prints (for the next week ONLY) - "Divine Hand," "Speak No Evil," "Cambrian Mermaid," "Silver Eyed Wolf," "Alice and the Bosch Monsters," "Two Cute Dragonlings," "Les Vampires: Les Crânes," "Anise and Artemisia," and many more prints only $9.99.

First, the new original painting! My best yet! "Alice in a Van Eyck Portrait" is the title - this is my favourite Alice in Wonderland paintings I've done yet, and is probably the best painting I've done so far. HUGE at 42"x31" in size in a gorgeous ornate antiqued frame, it truly looks like a museum piece. Currently the record breaker on the longest time spent on one piece (72 hours over 4 days)! This is the sixth painting in my sub-series called "Alice in Other Lands" which are paintings featuring Alice in a variety of unusual circumstances, thrown into settings inspired by my love of art history (be sure to check out the others in my gallery). Here we have my Alice on the set of another one of the most beautiful and famous paintings in the world - "The Arnolfini Portrait" from the distant year 1434 by Jan van Eyck. This is of course my version, painted completely from scratch & by hand (lol, I'm proud!). In my painting, Alice is playing the part of the bride, and my "Alchemist" character (he reoccurs in a lot of my paintings and always wears the Plague Doctor mask, which I thought was appropriate to the time period!). There are other hints of Alice, from her blue dress to the mushrooms hidden throughout the piece, but as usual my favourite part is the unabashedly grinning Cheshire Cat who has replaced van Eyck's original doggie. I saw the original Arnolfini portrait during my first visit to London the National Gallery and it was so beautiful I just started crying, it is a very important piece to me. Celebrating my loves of Alice in Wonderland and gothic/renaissance art - no reason why the two shouldn't go together! I've always thought that Alice's adventures should continue into many other bizarre tales, and you can expect to see more from me in the future. This is my own original acrylic painting, completely painted by hand on a wood/masonite panel. This painting is available at a fixed price in my eBay store where it will remain until purchased - otherwise it will be touring with me to my various upcoming shows this spring. So if you want it, make it yours. You can see it below :

"Alice in a Van Eyck Portrait" 42"x31" ORIGINAL PAINTING - FRAMED

And as always, to see all of my other currently available original paintings, click below - I have some BEAUTIFUL originals up right now at great prices, some ending soon:

ALL Jasmine's Original Paintings available HERE

Now, as I promised - I'm making the "Alice in a Van Eyck Portrait" prints & posters available NOW. You can order them from Zazzle - if the original isn't in your budget, grab one of these! You can add on custom mats, frames, glass, etc. however you want it. And you can choose the paper type - glossy, matte, canvas, poster, whatever. And you can get HUGE sizes - up to 65" in size! Just use the options in the upper right hand corner of this page to choose the size you'd like - leave it plain as a poster print or add framing options.

Alice in a Van Eyck Portrait - POSTERS & PRINTS

Next I have the LAST CHANCE #25 Lt. Ed. Canvas Print of "Alice and the Mad Hatter" - truly the last - #25 or 25 - all others SOLD OUT - signed, dated, numbered, and hand embellished by me in acrylic paints. Once again too - Matt will happily STRETCH this canvas (stretched it is 12"x9") on boards and add a hanger on the back upon request, if you prefer - free of charge and ready to hang (or otherwise it will come loose/rolled at 11x14 on an 11x17 sheet). If you ever wanted one, this is the LAST ONE and is starting at a penny, with no reserve, for an auction ending Saturday, January 22nd at 6:00 PM Central Time.

LAST CHANCE "Alice and the Mad Hatter #25 Canvas

And in case you missed the last update - "Alice in Clockwork" is also now sold out, and the #25 of her Lt. Ed. Hand Embellished canvas is also currently up for auction, ending soon here:

LAST CHANCE "Alice in Clockwork" #25 Canvas

Next - new eBay SALE prints - only for the next couple of days - $9.99 for the 8x10s, $20 for the big 12x16s. TONS of new ones - to see all the sale prints, just click below:

HUGE eBay SALE - all Sale Prints are HERE

Or individually....

"Divine Hand" 8x10 $9.99 prints are here

"Speak No Evil" 8x10 $9.99 prints are here

"Silver Eyed Wolf" 8x10 $9.99 prints are here

"Cambrian Mermaid" 18.5x6 $20 prints are here

"Alice and the Bosch Monsters" 8x10 $9.99 prints are here & "Alice and the Bosch Monsters" 12x16 $20 prints are here

"Two Cute Dragonlings" 8x10 $9.99 prints are here & "Two Cute Dragonlings" 12x16 $20 prints are here

"Les Vampires: Les Crânes" 8x10 $9.99 prints are here & "Les Vampires: Les Crânes" 12x16 $20 prints are here

"Anise and Artemisia" 8x10 $9.99 prints are here & "Anise and Artemisia" 12x16 $20 prints are here

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