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New Original Porthole Painting, FoF, Alice in Clockwork LAST CHANCE Canvas.....

Hi everyone!

I have two brand new BEAUTIFUL original paintings tonight - a new jellyfish themed "Portholes to Fantasy" framed porthole painting, as well a lovely little "Faces of Faery" original painting - and both are on eBay for just ONE PENNY now! In addition, I am auctioning off the #25 Hand Embellished Canvas Print for my lovely "Alice in Clockwork". Numbers 1-24 are all sold out, so this is the very last canvas print in the edition. If you EVER want an "Alice in Clockwork"canvas print - this is the last one, you'll have to bid (bidding starts at one penny!). Guess what? I'm also offering free "stretched and ready to hang" on the canvas if you'd like, too (for those who prefer it, or I can leave her loose & rolled.) In similar news - "Alice and the Mad Hatter" is getting ready to run out too......

Okay - now the new original paintings! First is "Portholes to Fantasy #4" a bit LARGER than my previous other three portholes but matching them quite nicely - she is so lovely! Another fun collaboration between me & my husband Matt, the fourth in a series of "Fantasy Porthole" paintings (he carves, cuts & finishes the frames, and I do the paintings!) A beautiful but slightly sad mermaid, gazing upon some luminous jellyfish! The frame makes this piece particularly spectacular - a striking "porthole" frame (so neat!) carved & finished by in an antiqued "hammered black" dark metallic paint finish. Then the painting itself is an original acrylic painting on a masonite panel. READY TO HANG - it is about 10" at its widest width, about an inch thick, very proud of this one! Matt has added a hanger on the back, so it is READY TO HANG! Would make a lovely gift.... she's up on eBay starting at ONE PENNY for a 10-day auction ending the evening of Friday, January 21st at 5:49 Central Time. You can see her below:

"Portholes to Fantasy 4" ORIGINAL PAINTING! Framed - 10" wide

The next new original painting - the 139th in my "Faces of Faery" series - my popular series of paintings I've been working on that featuring beautiful faces from all corners of the world of Faery. She is READY TO HANG - you don't need a frame - 6"x6" in size and on 2" gallery style cradled masonite, original acrylic paintings (not prints of any kind). The great thing about my "Faces of Faery" series of paintings is that they are all the same size and are intended to hang beautifully in a group as well as on their own. Here is "Faces of Faery 139" - she is the 139th in the series (wow!). This painting shows a root fairy - vaguely mandrake-root looking tendrils surround her and she has beautiful enormous eyes. And yes, to give everybody a chance, she is starting at just ONE PENNY! She's up for a 10-day auction ending the evening of Friday, January 21st at 5:46 Central Time. , and you can see her here:

"Faces of Faery: 139" ORIGINAL PAINTING

And as always, to see all of my other currently available original paintings, click below - I have some BEAUTIFUL originals up right now at great prices:

All Jasmine's Original Paintings

First off is the LAST CHANCE canvas print of "Alice in Clockwork" - #25. Numbers 1-24 are all already sold. So if you ever want a hand painted Alice in Clockwork Canvas, this is the last print in the edition. I will not make any more. This is what Limited Edition is all about folks - they eventually run out! Due to demand/request and to be fair to all, I'm starting her last canvas print at one penny and am listing her on eBay for all to bid. She's up for a 10-day auction ending the afternoon of Friday, January 21st at 5:24pm Central Time - and guess what? Matt is offering to stretch this piece and add a hanger on the back for free, in case you prefer her stretched & ready to hang. (Or otherwise we'll just leave her flat and ship her rolled, it's up to you!). If you want her stretched she'll be 9"x12" and about an inch thick, or unstretched flat she is 11x14 on an 11x17 sheet.

"Alice in Clockwork" #25 Hand Embellished Canvas Print - LAST ONE

Speaking of selling out Alice - "Alice and the Mad Hatter" is almost sold out two! I have two more up on eBay at the normal price before the final #25 will be auctioned, so if you want to snag one at the regular price and want to make sure you get one - grab it now! You can see the remaining "Alice and the Mad Hatter" canvases up here:

"Alice and the Mad Hatter" Canvases RUNNING OUT - Only Two Left HERE

Let this also be a wakeup call for those who have been proctrastinating on whichever canvas prints you have your eye one, hehe - they do run out eventually! You can find the Canvas prints for most of my paintings up at my website:



Until next time...

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