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"Les Vampires: Les Crânes" and ZAZZLE SALE for New Year!

Hi everyone!

Happy New Year's Eve! I have a brand new original painting for you today - the latest in my "Les Vampires" series ( a rococo themed vampire piece) - she's up on eBay starting at just a penny! Also - in honour of the New Year, my Zazzle store is running a 20.11% OFF EVERYTHING sale (get it? 2011?) if you use coupon code 2011NEWYEARS from now until Thursday!

All right, the new original painting! "Les Vampires: Les Crânes" - the title - the second in my new series of paintings called "Les Vampires" (which is French for The Vampires) - a new line of paintings that feature vampire beauties inspired by French rococo and baroque themes and aesthetics. These will also be part of my upcoming Vampire tarot/oracle deck I've been commissioned to work on, being published next year. This painting is called "Les Vampires: Les Crânes" (which means "the skulls"). Cradling two skulls, this rococo beauty is sitting on a magnificent sofa with intricate scrollwork inspired by French furniture of years passed, with an animal theme. This is the ORIGINAL ACRYLIC PAINTING and she is ready to hang - she measures 16" wide by 20" high - an original acrylic painting on a 2" deep cradled gallery-style masonite panel - all ready to hang. She's up for an eBay auction starting at just one penny! You can see the original piece below here:

"Les Vampires: Les Crânes" ORIGINAL 16"x20" Painting

And as always, to see all of my other currently available original paintings - click below - I have some BEAUTIFUL originals up right now and will be adding more soon:

See All Jasmine's Available ORIGINAL Paintings HERE

I'm making the "Les Vampires: Les Crânes" prints available NOW on Zazzle! If the original isn't in your budget, grab one of these! All sizes up to 65"x52" (and if you enter coupon code 2011NEWYEARS during checkout you will get 20.11% OFF).

Prints and Posters of Les Vampires: Les Crânes are HERE

Next up - as I mentioned - Zazzle is having a sale on EVERYTHING in my store! Posters, T-shirts, Shoes, totebags, necklaces, iPhone cases, everything is 20.11% OFF from now until Thursday. All you need to do is enter coupon code 2011NEWYEARS during checkout! To visit my Zazzle store, visit here:

get 20.11% OFF at Jasmine's Zazzle Store HERE

Thanks guys, and Happy New Year!!!


Until next time...

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