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New Huge Original "I Vampiri" Painting, Zazzle "Cyber Tuesday" sales, statues & more!

Hi everyone!

I have a brand new original painting for you tonight - another gorgeous gothic altarpiece panel made by my husband Matt - the latest in my "I Vampiri" series - "Angelo della Morte" (angel of death) - almost looks like a stained glass window. As usual, Matt has done a phenomenal job making the frame - you have to see it! Prints are available of her as well. In addition, Chris at Magical_Figurines has a slew of new statues up for penny auctions, and Zazzle is running a TON of "Cyber Tuesday" sales (I didn't even know there WAS a "Cyber Tuesday"?) throughout the day.

All righty - "I Vampiri: Angelo della Morte" is the title - and it's another fun collaboration between me & my husband Matt. The seventh in my series of paintings called "I Vampiri " (which is Italian for The Vampires) - a new line of paintings that feature vampire beauties inspired by Italian Baroque & Renaissance themes and aesthetics (many of which I have been hired to create for my upcoming Vampire Tarot/Oracle Deck). This seventh painting is called "I Vampiri: Angelo della Morte" (which means "Angel of Death" in Italian) a beautiful, slightly creepy, but very stately painting. Referencing icons such as Petrus Christus (though not Italian, helped introduce many integral aspects of renaissance painting to Italy). The bones in this piece are made up of various critters, with eerily lifelike eyes.... The frame makes this piece particularly cool - a gothic altarpiece panel style with delicate tracery - the frame was cut & carved by my lovely husband Matt - with a golden finish. Then the painting itself is an original acrylic painting on a masonite panel. READY TO HANG - it is a very unique shape and it is HUGE - framed it is 42" high by 19" wide, and about an inch thick, very proud of this one! The frame looks much like a gothic stained glass window, and Matt has added a hanger on the back, so it is READY TO HANG! She's up in my eBay store for a fixed price (or make me an offer using eBay's "Best Offer" option, all offers are considered, it is impossible to insult me!) - and you can see her below:

"I Vampiri: Angelo della Morte" BIG 42"x19" ORIGINAL PAINTING - Original Carved Wood Altarpiece Frame!

To see all of my other currently available original paintings (some ending soon, and all framed pieces are accepting "Best Offers" now in time for the holidays), click below:

All Jasmine's new Original Paintings

I'm making the "I Vampiri: Angelo della Morte" prints available NOW on Zazzle! If the original isn't in your budget, grab one of these! Anywhere up to 78" in size, all different paper types, add on custom framing & matting, so many options. The prints & posters are here:

"I Vampiri: Angelo della Morte" Prints & Posters

Chris, my brother-in-law at Magical_Figurines will be running a TON of new "penny auctions" in plenty of time to ship for the holidays. When you order from Chris, all items have signed Certificates of Authenticity (or they themselves are signed, depending on the item) by me, the artist! He always has the items pictured in stock for immediate shipment which makes him a good choice if you are buying gifts for others this Christmas (ie, no back orders, no waiting, he has them in hand right now!). He has a lot of unique items up now, including one of my ball-jointed "Dorothy" dolls, a lot of Hamilton Collection figurines, stretched canvas (ready to hang, great gifts!), one of my Ruby Dragonling crystal pendants, and more. He'll have some of my other dolls up soon as well as signed Oracle decks, Christmas ornaments, wall sculptures and other cool stuff! Also, Chris ships internationally =) Check in at Magical_Figurines here:

New Stuff Every Day at Magical_Figurines!

And finally - Zazzle is running a ton of "Cyber Tuesday" sales today! Each sale only lasts for two hours, but I have an advance schedule for today! All these times are in PACIFIC TIME ZONE (Zazzle is in California) so be sure to adjust for your time zone. My Zazzle store is here:

Jasmine's Zazzle Store - "Cyber Tuesday" SALES

And here is the following schedule of sales for today, and the Coupon Codes to type in during checkout to get the sale prices!

6:01 AM (PT) - 8 AM (PT) $10 Off ALL Skateboards! BLITZDEAL192

8:01 AM (PT) - 10 AM (PT) 30% Off Sweatshirts and Jackets! BLITZDEAL133

10:01 AM (PT) - 12 PM (PT) Buy 2 Get 1 Mousepads! (34% Off 3+ Mousepads) BLITZDEAL131

12:01 PM (PT) - 2 PM (PT) 25% Off iPad and iPhone Cases! BLITZDEAL135

2:01 PM (PT) - 4 PM (PT) 12% Off All Products! BLITZDEAL196

4:01 PM (PT) - 6 PM (PT) 50% Off Keychains! BLITZDEAL153

6:01 PM (PT) - 8 PM (PT) $5 Off ALL Custom T-Shirts! BLITZDEAL171

8:01 PM (PT) - 10 PM (PT) Tuesday's Favorite Deal Repeat: 50% Off Holiday Ornaments! BLITZDEAL117

10:01 PM (PT) - 120 AM (PT) Tuesday's Favorite Deal Repeat: 12% Off All Products! BLITZDEAL173


Until next time...

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