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Jasmine's Prints & Posters 65% OFF SALE - for TWO HOURS ONLY! Also 50% OFF Shirts, etc. later....

Hey everybody!!

GREAT news for you tonight! For TWO HOURS ONLY - a 65% OFF ALL PRINTS & POSTERS SALE for Black Friday up at Zazzle! Yes, 65% off. That means you can get a big 11"x17" print of mine for only $4.83- seriously. All sizes will be discounted - only $17 for a huge 44" print. This will be my main print sale for the season, so if you are wanting to do any holiday shopping - do it now and save a fortune in plenty of time to ship by Christmas, etc.! This is the lowest price ever, and hundreds of prints are on sale. It is for all prints & posters in my Zazzle shop, and you just have to enter the code which will appear at 5:01PM Eastern Time (4:01 PM Central Time, 3:01PM Mountain Time, 2:01PM Pacific Time) a the bottom of my Zazzle print/poster shop (it will only appear between 5:01PM - 7:00PM Eastern Time) - a reindeer picture popup with at code to enter to get 65% off ALL my posters and prints:

Jasmine's Posters and Prints will be 65% OFF HERE SOON!

Or if you don't see the pop-up go to:

Zazzle's Deal Page - New Coupon Codes Every 2 Hours

Again - this is 65% OFF all of my Zazzle prints & posters and it will only run from 5:01PM - 7:00PM Eastern Time if you enter the coupon code they will release at that time.

You might want to browse through my prints ahead of time to pick what things you'd like, and get them in your shopping cart to add the coupon code at the end once the codes begin popping up! Again, my prints & posters can be found here:

Jasmine's Prints & Posters will be 65% OFF HERE

And you'll be able to see the code pop up at 5:01PM Eastern Time

Zazzle's Deal Page - shows the Coupon Code every 2 hours

Zazzle is running a variety of sales throughout the next few days, CHANGING the deal and the coupon code every two hours, lol. It's pretty crazy!

They will be running some other great deals today - for example at 9:01 PM Tonight, you can do the same thing and get a coupon code for 50% OFF ALL MY T-SHIRTS! How cool is that? You can preview my shirts to get an idea of what you're after here:

Jasmine's T-Shirts and Other Shirts

More deals throughout the day (all these are in Pacific Time Zone so adjust accordingly - they are in California, you see!)

12:01 PM PACIFIC TIME 75% Off Business Cards 2:01 PM PACIFIC TIME 65% Off All Posters 4:01 PM PACIFIC TIME $8.80 Off $0.44 Postage Sheets 6:01 PM PACIFIC TIME 50% Off All T-Shirts 8:01 PM & 10:00 PM PACIFIC TIME- Friday's Favorite Deal Repeats (I don't know which deals they might be - maybe posters & prints again! Definitely check back even if you get this email late, they may re-run the deals at the Zazzle Blitzen Page here:

Zazzle's Blitzen SALE Deal Page - sales go on and off all weekend!

And as always, to see all of my other currently available original paintings, click below - I have some BEAUTIFUL originals up right now at great prices:

Jasmine's Original Paintings



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