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Jasmine's Huge Strangeling Website Update! New prints, new collectibles, Holiday shopping...

Hi everyone!

I have just completed a HUGE update at my website! Dozens of new prints (including my very recent paintings like "The Holly and the Ivy," "Loup-Garou Le Petit Chaperon Rouge," "Once Upon a Midnight Dreary" and so on....). All of my new paintings are now available there as prints (and canvas prints) - even the BRAND new never-released ones are for sale as open editions & Canvas prints. SO many of them! And they all have free shipping anywhere in the world!!! Yes, ALL prints get free shipping anywhere when you order from strangeling.com . It's a wonderful update, so if you haven't bee to my official website in a while, you'll see a lot of new stuff!

I have also added some new Hamilton Collection & Bradford Exchange & Ashton Drake projects up there, and UPDATED some of the older ones with new photos of later additions and fun stuff like that!

Those of you with AOL and similar ISPs may need to clear the cache on your browsers to see the new updates, if you've visited recently. The updated website page should say November 24th, 2010.

My website of course is:


To hop right to the GALLERY and browse through the prints & canvas prints - that is all here:

Browse the Print Galleries HERE

I have added new merchandise to the merchandise page:

New Strangeling Merchandise HERE

The new Collectibles can be found up here - definitely browse through some of the older ones too, I have added tons of new photos of different figurines in the collections, and added physical photos where previously there were just ad illustrations, etc. - neat stuff:

NEW Hamilton Collection & Bradford Exchange Stuff

And there is other new stuff up there too - just go here and have fun:

And for those of you are new here - I have some ORIGINAL paintings (the actually original paintings themselves!) up on eBay for auction currenly - just click below:

Jasmine's New Original Paintings Available

Have fun enjoying the new artwork, and shopping!

Also..... just a quick head's up - nothing certain yet - but last year, Zazzle had PHENOMENAL "Black Friday" sales (do you remember the 75% Off Posters Sale? I do!) - and they are hinting that they might do the same this year... I'll definitely let you know, but for those of you who like to get a jump on things - keep an eye up at my Zazzle store below:

Jasmine's Zazzle Store....sales starting soon....

On Thursday night/Friday morning, and stay tuned at Zazzle's "Blitzen" Deals page to see what deals they will hand out when the sale goes live:

Zazzle's "Blitzen" Sale Page Updates

Until next time...


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