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New painting, New Masterpiece Editions, Important Mailing List Info, FaerieCon Orders, more

Hi everyone!

Quick note for those of you on my email mailing list - it is now coming from " NOREPLYJASMINE@AOL.COM " - this is just the bounceback/sending email address for the mailing list. My email address continues to be JasmineToad@aol.com - I have just changed the setup for the mailing list (don't email NOREPLYJASMINE@AOL.COM - it's just a robot!). If you have spam filters you may want to add it to your list so you can receive emails from NOREPLYJASMINE@AOL.COM

Mostly this week and next I've been creating new original paintings to debut at FaerieCon, but I did have time to complete a beautiful Faces of Faery original painting to show you today! Also in exciting news, my very first piece in my "Masterpiece Collection" collaboration with the Bradford Exchange and Rhodes Studios is now available for sale and it is simply gorgeous, the most intricately detailed and elaborate collectible I've debuted to date. Also - very good news - new penny auctions for some more HAMILTON COLLECTION figurines as well as a couple of stretched & ready to hang lt. ed. hand painted canvas prints from Chris at Magical_Figurines (my brother-in-law/employee). Also (I know, lots of alsos today) - a bit of information for those of you who want me to reserve any specific artwork for you at FaerieCon - I have that info here too.

Firstly - if you are coming to FaerieCon and have any SPECIFIC prints or stretched canvas prints that you would like us to have set aside & ready for you at the show, now is the time to let me know! You will just need to email me here at JasmineToad@aol.com with the subject line "FAERIECON ORDER". In the email, let me know the Title of the print(s) and the Type/Size of the print(s). I will have 8"x10" photo prints at FaerieCon for $10 and 12"x16" photo prints at $20. The Limited Edition Hand Embellished Canvas Prints will be stretched & ready to hang and will be only $75. So - if you are 100% certain you will be coming and want to make sure your favourite(s) are set aside for you in a bag with your name on it, hehe, just email me as above. Otherwise - I will be bringing a massive selection of brand new, new, and old favourites to the show =) There will be plenty to choose from. For more info about FaerieCon:


Next up - the new original painting! Faces of Faery #123 - this is the 123rd in the series. Faces of Faery all feature beautiful faery-inspired creatures, and she is no exception. Faces of Faery 123 has a touch of the dramatique about her - a bit of melancholy bordering on pouty - but she is lovely nonetheless.... Ready to hang - she is an original acrylic painting on a 6"x6" masonite panel that is 2" deep cradled (no need to frame - the sides are glossy black, gallery profile). Matt has added a hanger on the back, so it is READY TO HANG! She is up for sale on eBay for an auction starting a just a penny, for a 10 day auction ending the evening of Thursday, November 11th at 6:42 PM Central time and you can see her here:

Faces of Faery #123 ORIGINAL PAINTING

And as always, to see all of my other currently available original paintings - some ending soon - click below - I have some BEAUTIFUL originals up right now and will be adding more soon:

Jasmine's Original Paintings

Okay - I am very excited about these - this is the FIRST in my "Masterpiece Collection" series from a collaboration with the Bradford Exchange and Rhodes Studios. As you'd expect, the "Masterpiece" series will focus on very high end, highly detailed, exquisitely painted (by the Rhodes Studios artisans) collectibles. The first Masterpiece Edition is the debut of a new collection (Jasmine's Fairy Jewels Masterpiece Collection) and she is called "Radiant Ruby". To hop right up and see her on the website right away (she is already up for SALE at the Bradford website!) click below:

Click HERE To see Radiant Ruby : Masterpiece Edition at Bradford

Or call by phone - she is item number 902659 - call TOLL-FREE 1-877-268-6638

Since these are a lot larger, more detailed, and with the Rhodes Studios artisans brought in, and of course all the Swarovski crystals, lighting and other fine details (part of what designates this as a Masterpiece, after all!) these are going to be a bit higher priced than my usual collectibles, but well worth it. $79.99 (they will let you do three installments of $26.66 if that is easier for you!). These really are special pieces, possibly the best I have helped create so far.

*The crystals CHANGE COLOUR - shifting from red to gold - very subtly and beautifully! These look great turned "on" (with the beautiful colour shifts/light) or left simply as a statue. She makes for a BEAUTIFUL nightlight - or even set her in your windowsill to bring a beautiful sense of warmth and magic to passersby.

*Available to order NOW at the website - these would make phenomenal Christmas presents for fantasy/Jasmine/fairy/dragon lovers in your life!

*Faceted crystals light up at the flip of a switch!

*A pair of dragon babies perches on the fanciful, lavishly faux-jeweled base, protecting the shimmering treasure

*Jewels and Swarovski crystals—individually hand-set!

*LIMITED EDITION - comes with Certificate of Authenticity

*New "JBG" initials remarque/logo

And again, these are already available to order, right here:

"Radiant Ruby" At BradfordExchange.com

Questions? Please read my FAQ for Bradford Exchange products HERE

And yes - as I mentioned previously my brother-in-law Chris has new penny auctions up at Magical_Figurines, for statues & for some of my hand-embellished lt. ed. Canvas prints (stretched & ready to hang!). I have signed the certificates or boxes all in person and mailed the statues to Chris to offer to you guys, and the canvases are of course hand painted & signed by me ("I Vampiri: I Lupi," and "Shinjuku Angel"). To see all of his current offerings:

New Stuff at Magical_Figurines


Until next time...
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