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Jasmine's New Porthole Framed Original Mermaid Painting, HALLOWEEN EBAY SALE

Hi everyone!

I have a brand new original painting for you tonight - featuring another gorgeous frame made by my husband Matt - this time a magnificent ocean "porthole" frame detailed with classical dolphin-fish - so cool! Matt has done a phenomenal job making the frame - a dark metallic "oil-rubbed-bronze" finish this time. Prints are available of her as well. In other news, I'm running a huge HALLOWEEN SALE up at eBay! All my Halloween prints are only $9.99 (including the brand new ones like "Born of a Pumpkin", etc.)

All righty - "Nymph with a Cuttlefish" is the title - it is so cute!! Another fun collaboration between me & my husband Matt so far! A beautiful mermaid/nymph is beneath the sea - there are seashells in her hair, and a lovely cuttlefish swims by. The frame makes this piece particularly spectacular - a striking "porthole" frame (so neat!) adorned with mythical dolphin/dragon/fish creatures. The frame was & carved by my lovely husband Matt - and then finished by me in an antiqued "oil rubbed bronze" dark metallic finish. Then the painting itself is an original acrylic painting on a masonite panel. READY TO HANG - it is a very unique shape - 22" at its widest width, by about 13" at its greatest height, and about an inch thick, very proud of this one! Matt has added a hanger on the back, so it is READY TO HANG! She's up for just ONE PENNY on eBay for a 10-day auction ending the evening of Thursday, October 21st at 8:20PM Central Time, and you can see her below:

"Nymph with a Cuttlefish" 22"x13" ORIGINAL PAINTING - Original Carved Porthole Frame!

To see all of my other currently available original paintings (some ending soon), click below:

All Jasmine's Lovely ORIGINAL Paintings

Next up - HALLOWEEN SALE! Yes, one of my favourite times of year - Halloween - and certainly a huge inspiration for a lot of my favourite paintings. In honour of the season I have put up a wide selection of my Halloween prints on SALE up at eBay - only $9.99 each. New paintings, paintings from years past, many, many to choose from!

Click the link below to see all of the SALE in its entirety. There are SIXTEEN different Halloween paintings of mine included in the $9.99 sale - here you go:

Click HERE to see the whole Halloween SALE

Or if you prefer clicking on direct links, they are all below!

"Born of a Pumpkin" 8"x10" SALE PRINT $9.99

"Owlyn in Autumn" 8"x10" SALE PRINT $9.99

"Les Vampires: Lanterne-Citrouille" 8"x10" SALE PRINT $9.99

"Darling Dragonling II" 8"x10" SALE PRINT $9.99

"Halloween Twilight" 8"x10" SALE PRINT $9.99

"A Clockwork Pumpkin" 8"x10" SALE PRINT $9.99

"Queen of Halloween" 8"x10" SALE PRINT $9.99

"Pumpkin Pixie" 8"x10" SALE PRINT $9.99

"Ghost of the Pumpkin Patch" 8"x10" SALE PRINT $9.99

"Little Candy Witch" 8"x10" SALE PRINT $9.99

"The Scarecrow" 8"x10" SALE PRINT $9.99

"Out Trick-or-Treating" 8"x10" SALE PRINT $9.99

"Pumpkin King's Night Out" 8"x10" SALE PRINT $9.99

"Halloween Night" 8"x10" SALE PRINT $9.99

"A Pumpkin Gift" 8"x10" SALE PRINT $9.99

"Three Witchy Sisters" 8"x10" SALE PRINT $9.99


Until next time...

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