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Jasmine's new Loup-Garou Painting, New ACEO Cards, Art & Wine Stroll, more!

Hi everyone!

I have a new painting to show you tonight - the latest in my "Loup-Garou" wolves/Rococo series - "Loup-Garou: Les Jumeaux"! (The Twins). The original painting debuted and was sold at Dragon*Con, but I do have the prints & posters up and ready to go! Also I have a ton of gorgeous new ACEO cards (including some cards of paintings you've NEVER seen before!), all starting at a penny. My brother-in-law/assistant Chris has some fun new penny auctions up at eBay (including a bunch of Wizard of Oz art & statues!) too, and also I have a reminder about my upcoming appearance next Saturday at the Celebration Art & Wine Stroll.

Firstly - a reminder - only 6 days to go - I will have a booth at the Celebration Art & Wine Stroll here in my hometown of Celebration, Florida. Just for ONE NIGHT ONLY - a very casual, FREE, outdoor art "stroll" featuring a bunch of us local artists here in town. I'll have a tent full of my artwork, prints, original paintings, hanging canvases, mini-prints, books, and perhaps a few statues. The show is next Saturday night - the 18th - right up & down Market Street here in Celebration from about 6:30pm - 10:00pm. For more information on this show and my other upcoming appearances/shows, visit:

Jasmine's Upcoming Show info - Hope to see some of you there!

First - the new original painting - "Loup-Garou: Les Jumeaux" - the ninth installment in my very popular "Loup-Garou" series (French for "werewolf") - all featuring wolves and beautiful girls in French-inspired portrait settings. "Les Jumeaux" means "the twins" - and it certainly lives up to its name! Beautiful twins with their werewolf companion - dramatically lit (I've been having fun with painting different light sources), and it was on an oval shaped panel. This one has a very Rococo feel to it - I love it! Yes, the original painting has sold (at Dragon*Con)..... BUT - I do have the prints & posters up already on Zazzle! Here ya go:

"Loup-Garou: Les Jumeaux"

To see all of my currently available original paintings, some ending soon - click below:

Jasmine's Original Paintings Currently For Sale

Now for the new ACEOs - some NEW ones in there too - for more info about ACEO cards, how I make them & what they are (basically tiny hand embellished one of a kind canvas prints, trading card sized and highly collectable), consult the individual auction descriptions - they are each one of a kind, hand-painted with accents by me, the artist, and are awesome! All are each starting at a penny, with no reserve for ten-day auctions ending on the evening of Wednesday, September 22nd 6:00PM- 6:18 PM Central Time.

To see them ALL together visit the ACEO section of my store HERE

Or individually:

"Faces of Faery 117" ACEO Steampunk Fairy (you have NEVER seen this painting before - I painted it "live" at Dragon*Con and sold her at the show!):

"Loup-Garou: Les Jumeaux" ACEO

"Amphitrite" ACEO

"Faces of Faery #115" ACEO (Vampire girl with her Wolf!)

"Saint George & Princess Sabra" ACEO (with special gold leaf embellishments)

"Darling Dragonling II" ACEO (the Halloween pumpkin dragon!)

"Faces of Faery #116" ACEO (with the big starry blue eyes!)

Also - be sure to check up at my brother-in-law/assistant Chris' eBay store - Magical_Figurines - he has some stretched canvas prints, new Hamilton Collection figurines, and other limited edition items (all either signed by me or with certificates signed by me) including some of my Wizard of Oz/Fairies of Oz collection - even the rare secondary "rainbow" display stand (as its own auction so you can put whichever Oz characters you want on it, great if you are building your collection from scratch!) up on eBay starting at just ONE PENNY - click below to see:

New Stuff at Magical_Figurines HERE


Until next time...

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