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Jasmine's New Original Halloween/Dragonling Painting, New Christmas Ornaments, Statues.....

Hi everyone!

Great stuff for you today! Firstly, I have a beautiful new original painting for you tonight - a Halloween themed Dragonling painting! (And bidding starts at a penny!). Also I wanted to tell you about two more Christmas Ornament collections available now - one from the Bradford Exchange and one from Hawthorne Village. They are both for sale now at BradfordExchange.com. And finally, my brother-in-law Chris over at Magical_Figurines has some new penny auctions up for statues & stretched canvas prints.

First though - just a quick reminder that I will be at Dragon*Con September 3-6th at the Atlanta Hyatt Regency in the Grand Hall WEST room Art Show! I'll have a lot of new paintings that you have never, ever seen before! For more info check out my upcoming art show appearances here:

Come see me at a Show!

Now, let me introduce "Darling Dragonling II" - the second installment in my Darling Dragonlings series of small paintings featuring my ever-popular dragon & fairy characters. (Where is Darling Dragonling I? Well, she's debuting at Dragon*Con next week in Atlanta!). Many of you know my Dragonlings through various lines of collectibles, statues, jewelry, ornaments, etc. with the Bradford Exchange & Hamilton Collection, and here is your chance to own an original painting! Darling Dragonling has a Halloween theme - a smiling Jack O'Lantern with a baby green dragon atop it! Ready to hang - she is an original acrylic painting on an 8"x10" masonite panel that is 2" deep cradled (no need to frame - the sides are glossy black, gallery profile). Matt has added a hanger on the back, so it is READY TO HANG! She is up for an auction starting at a penny - 10 day auction ending after I'll already be back from Dragon*Con (no delay!) Tuesday, September 7th 6:00PM Central Time and you can see her here:

"Darling Dragonling II" 8"x10" ORIGINAL PAINTING

Click below to see all of my other currently available ORIGINAL paintings!

All Jasmine's Originals Paintings

Mostly my new originals have been set aside to be debuted at Dragon*Con, but don't worry - if you can't make it to the show I'll still have prints & such of the new ones after I'm home.

Now, as I promised - I'm making the "Darling Dragonling II" prints available NOW. If the original isn't in your budget, grab one of these! These are BIG prints - starting at just $13.80 - and guess what? You can add on custom mats, frames, glass, etc. however you want it. And you can choose the paper type - glossy, matte, canvas, poster, whatever. Small sizes are available as well as large sizes - up to 44" in size. Just use the options in the upper right hand corner of this page to choose the size you'd like - leave it plain as a poster print or add framing options. No need to wait any more!!

Posters & Prints of "Darling Dragonling II" HERE

Next up - my brother-in-law Chris at Magical_Figurines has several new auctions running, all start at a penny! And of course I have signed the CoAs on the Hamilton figurines, and I have signed the boxes on the Pure Fable figurines as always, and the Lt. Ed. Canvas Prints are all stretched, ready to hang, and hand painted/embellished by me of course! Click below to see them all:

Click here to see the new stuff at Magical_Figurines

New of note, he has a new stretched canvas prints of my "Little Wolf Girl" painting, "At the Masquerade Ball," new Limited Edition statue auctions, and Hamilton Collection figurines including my rocker Jasmine & Nixie fairies from the "Flaming Pixies" collection, "Spirit Maiden" Native fairy series, "Precious Dragonling", and more! You can see everything here:

TWO new series of Christmas Ornaments now available for sale online at Bradford Exchange.com !

Firstly I have actual PHOTOS now for "We Wish You a Fairy Christmas" - they are SO cute:

And they are available to order all together as a set of all three ornaments for only $29.97 (less than $10 per ornament!). Each is about 3" high. You can order them online right here:

"We Wish You a Fairy Christmas" Ornament Collection HERE

or by calling 1-877-268-6638 tollfree and asking for item #902212 Jasmine Becket-Griffith's "We Wish You a Fairy Christmas" ornament collection.

Next - another new Christmas ornament collection - this time from Hawthorne Village. You may already recognize these cuties from my line of Ashton-Drake dolls, but now Hawthorne has taken the same characters and based these clip-on holiday ornaments. They are on faux Poinsettia flowers and clip right onto your Christmas tree, or a wreath, or a mantlepiece swag, curtains - anything that needs holiday fairy magic clipped onto it, hehe! They come in sets of two (yes you get both together) for $29.99 and are available for sale now here:

"Fairy Holidays Poinsettia Ornaments" Collection is HERE

Or if you'd rather order by phone, just call 1-877-268-6638 tollfree and ask for item #902529 - Jasmine Becket-Griffith presents: "Fairy Holidays Poinsettia Ornaments" collection..

And as always - even though the PRE-ORDER phase is just here in the US, never fear - these will become available online and in other countries after the statues are actually released =) Don't worry! For more info or questions about ordering my statues from the Hamilton Collection & Bradford Exchange internationally, visit HERE.


Until next time...

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