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New "Dinosaur Friends III" Original Painting, Swarovski Crystal Unicorn Statues, New Bradford stuff.

Hi everyone!

Great stuff for you today! Firstly, I have a big beautiful new original painting for you tonight - the latest in my Dinosaur Friends series "Dinosaur Friends III" for sale now and ready to hang. Next, I have a brand new Hamilton Collection statue series with a Masquerade/Unicorn theme which feature Swarovski Crystals! They are available NOW for pre-order! This is an exclusive telephone-order-only pre-order for just my fans. Definitely reserve yours now so they don't sell out (Limited Edition). And finally, my brother-in-law Chris over at Magical_Figurines has some new penny auctions up (a stretched canvas of The Last Leaves, Flicker Dragonling, Fairies from the Heart collection, a signed copy of my Oracle of Shadows & Light and more!).

First though - a very important quick head's up! I still need to update the links on my website, but thought I'd post here in the meantime. CollectiblesToday (the official website selling my Bradford Exchange, Hamilton Collection, Ashton-Drake and Hawthorne Village collectibles) has now CHANGED their website and has also given it all a spiffy new makeover. This means that they have a new URL though, so update it on your links/bookmarks:


It is now bradfordexchange.com - so old links may not work. To see my current stuff at BradfordExchange.com - just click (you may wish to bookmark this too!):


Now, let me introduce "Dinosaur Friends III" - a beautiful installment in my "Dinosaur Friends" series. Based on a true story! "Dinosaur Friends 3" is the title. Quick background - when I was a very little girl I had some allegedly "imaginary" friends of mine which were dinosaurs. An amateur paleontologist even then, I remember them more clearly and distinctly than I do most of my other friends from that age. So I thought I'd create a series of paintings inspired by them. This is the third in the series, featuring a beautiful girl and several of her dinosaur friends (including one of my favourites - the triceratops!). Ready to hang - she is an original acrylic painting on a 20"x16" masonite panel that is 2" deep cradled (no need to frame - the sides are glossy black, gallery profile). Matt has added a hanger on the back, so it is READY TO HANG! She is up for sale in my eBay store where she will remain until purchased. You're welcome to use eBay's "Make Offer" option to make me your best offer (I'm never insulted by any offer and consider all!). Otherwise she'll be coming along with me to my art shows this fall.

"Dinosaur Friends III" 20"x16" ORIGINAL PAINTING is HERE!

Click below to see all of my other currently available ORIGINAL paintings!

Jasmine's Current Original Paintings for sale HERE

Now, as I promised - I'm making the "Dinosaur Friends III" prints available NOW. If the original isn't in your budget, grab one of these! These are BIG prints - starting at just $13.80 - and guess what? You can add on custom mats, frames, glass, etc. however you want it. And you can choose the paper type - glossy, matte, canvas, poster, whatever. Small sizes are available as well as HUGE sizes - up to 64" in size. Just use the options in the upper right hand corner of this page to choose the size you'd like - leave it plain as a poster print or add framing options. No need to wait any more!!

Next up - my brother-in-law Chris at Magical_Figurines has several new auctions running, all start at a penny! And of course I have signed the CoAs on the Hamilton figurines, and I have signed the boxes on the Pure Fable figurines as always. Click below to see them all:

NEW Stuff at Magical Figurines

New of note, he has a new stretched canvas print of my "The Last Leaves" painting (which is almost all sold out, by the way!), new Limited Edition statue auctions, and Hamilton Collection figurines including my "Fairies from the Heart" series, "Flicker Dragonling", and also a signed deck of my "Oracle of Shadows and Light". You can see everything here.

Next up - Jasmine Becket-Griffith's "Masquerade of the Unicorn Fairies" Collection featuring Swarovski Crystals! Begins with "Valentine Masquerade" - other Unicorns featuring my Masquerade themed paintings will follow in the series, all with the brilliance and quality you can expect from Swarovski. Just call: 1-877-268-6638 tollfree and ask for the "Jasmine Becket-Griffith "Masquerade of the Unicorn Fairies" Collection, starting with "Valentine Masquerade"

To SEE the picture ad for my new "Masquerade of the Unicorn Fairies" series starting with "Valentine Masquerade" - she is below:

This is a VERY advanced sneak-peek, and I expect this particular collection to sell very quickly, so since it's a Limited Edition - DEFINITELY get your reservation in asap. They don't bill you until they actually ship out your statue, and there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee =) Item number 09-04253-001.

Just call 1-877-268-6638 tollfree and ask for Jasmine Becket-Griffith presents: "Masquerade of the Unicorn Fairies" collection - please note that the Item number is 09-04253-001.

Truly one of my "higher-end/upscale" lines with the Hamilton Collection I am very excited about these - combining some of my favourite things - Swarovski Crystals, Unicorns, Masquerades, and of course my fairy paintings! Beginning with "Valentine Masquerade" - a beautiful series of fine art Unicorn statues inspired by my various masquerade paintings! Collectors will be amazed at the wealth of exceptional details handcrafted into “Valentine Masquerade.” Like all releases in the series, the masquerade fairy on the glittery wings inspires the design of the figurine. From the unicorn’s graceful pose and silvery pearlescent coloration, to the hand-applied Swarovski crystals enhancing each wing, every intricate detail has been carefully handcrafted and hand-painted by skilled artisans. Begin your fantastic journey with “Valentine Masquerade,” a graceful unicorn with outstretched wings graced with Jasmine’s striking imagery and 10 genuine Swarovski crystals! The gentle horned beast and her fairy are close, mysteriously linked, and so harmoniously entwined that their wings are of the same butterfly shape.

*"Valentine Masquerade" Unicorn comes first! These are much larger than many of my other collectibles - 6" high

*Her wings feature my "Valentine Masquerade" fairy painting

*Future issues will all feature other Masquerade themed artworks by me

*Each is graced with 10 genuine Swarovski Crystals, hand applied

*Meticulously hand-crafted in artists resin, and hand painted

*Wonderful attention to detail

*Silvery & pearlescent accents

*Since these are much larger, highly detailed and feature the Swarovski crystals, these are going to be

*Limited Edition

*365 Day Guarantee

*Hand Numbered Certificate of Authenticity

*30 day "preview" of your statue, for your evaluation!

Hamilton Collection now has these available for fans & collectors to pre-order in order to get in early. I've been getting this early info & posting specifically for you guys who follow my work and are fans/friends/collectors, this way those of you who actually know me & my art can get "first dibs".

Just call:

1-877-268-6638 tollfree

- the ITEM NUMBER is 09-04253-001- or ask for Jasmine Becket-Griffith's "Masquerade of the Unicorn Fairies" statue collection! The first statue is named "Valentine Masquerade". Calling & pre-ordering now by phone will reserve your Unicorn statue - you don't have to pay until it ships and you have had 30 days to evaluate it, with a 365-day guarantee! More to come!

And as always - even though the PRE-ORDER phase is just here in the US, never fear - these will become available online and in other countries after the statues are actually released =) Don't worry! For more info or questions about ordering my statues from the Hamilton Collection & Bradford Exchange internationally, visit HERE.


Until next time...

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