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New Faces of Faery Originals, New Statue & Stretched Canvas auctions, stuff

Hi everyone!

Good news today - I have not just one, but two new original Faces of Faery paintings!! One with a tattoo theme, another with a sad little cutie. Other good news - my new tarot/oracle deck, the "Oracle of Shadows and Light" is back IN STOCK up at Amazon (again, it keeps selling out) - so go snag yours before they sell out again, lol Also - my brother-in-law Chris at Magical_Figurines has new auctions up for Stretched/Ready-To-Hang Hand Embellished Lt. Ed. Canvases as well as some new figurines.

***********And a quick head's up - Matt & I are driving up to our secondary home/studio/midwest shipping center in Kansas City shortly (visiting family for the holiday, setting up some other business stuff) so I'll be gone for the next day or two. It should not interrupt our shipping/orders schedule too much (not more than a day or two) but there may be a short delay in email answers, but we'll be back online & working this weekend.***********

Okay! The new original paintings....to see ALL of my currently available original paintings, including the new ones click below (some ending SOON and some at great prices!)

Jasmine's Original Paintings

Or individually - here is "Faces of Faery 105" - the 105th in the series. Ready to hang - 2" deep cradled masonite as well - she (like ALL of my Faces of Faery) is 6"x6" an ORIGINAL acrylic painting. My Faces of Faery are all the same size & shape and look fantastic when displayed together with their sisters, if you are collector! I'm starting a new sub-set of Faces of Faery that have Tattoo themes, and she is the first - Faces of Faery 105 features a lovely wide eyed fairy with a pair of matching classic Swallow tattoos - which complement her wings nicely.... And yes, to give everybody a chance, she is starting at just ONE PENNY! She's up for a 7-day auction ending the afternoon/evening of Monday, July 5th at 6:51 PM Central Time , and you can see her here:

"Faces of Faery: 105" ORIGINAL PAINTING (Tattoos!)

And - same size & shape of course, 6x6, ready to hang original painting - Faces of Faery #106 - This is the 106th in the series. Faces of Faery all feature beautiful faery-inspired creatures, and she is no exception. Faces of Faery 106 features a sad little honey with wondrously violet eyes. Why is she so sad? To be honest I thought it would be impolite to ask her, so I just finished her portrait and walked away. Ready to hang! And yes, to give everybody a chance, she is also starting at just ONE PENNY! She's up for a 7-day auction ending the afternoon/evening of Monday, July 5th at 8:13 PM Central Time , and you can see her here:

"Faces of Faery: 106" ORIGINAL PAINTING

And yes - as I mentioned previously my brother-in-law/employee Chris has new auctions up for several of my Hamilton Collection Figurines, Pure Fable Figurines, and also Stretched & Ready To Hang Canvas Prints (that I have hand painted, signed & numbered, Limited Edition of course). To see all of his current offerings:

New stuff from Chris at Magical_Figurines

Or individually - they all are up for penny auctions - here is "Harmony" - from my Power of the Healing Spirit angel series - and of course there is a SIGNED CoA, by me, of course! Click here to see "Harmony"

Click here to see "Embracing the Cause" - a pink DRAGON figurine from my "On Wings of Hope" series (Breast Cancery Charity):

And then a new Stretched & Ready to Hang (just stick it on the wall) Lt. Ed. Canvas Print of "Dragon D'Arc-en-ciel" here

And another Stretched & Ready to Hang Lt. Ed. Canvas print - this one is "Pale Rose" here

Click here to see "Lost....but Not Worried" - a Limited Edition Statue

and click here to see "Captive Fairy" - a Limited Edition Statue

Buying from Chris is a great way to get individual figurines (ie, in case you didn't subscribe to the whole collection - you can get some of the later issues!!), sometimes even before the general public gets them! Also it's a great way to get them if they're not typically available in your country. And it's the ONLY way to get them with the Certificates actually signed by me, and the ONLY place online to buy my lt. ed. canvas prints that are stretched & ready to hang! =) Be sure to add Magical_Figurines to your eBay Favourite Sellers list, or bookmark it - he adds new ones all the time!

And oh yes, as I mentioned - Amazon has RE-STOCKED my lovely "Oracle of Shadows and Light" divination deck again (it keeps selling out) - so if you were waiting for them to be in stock so you could order them, go for it now! Only $19.95 - check it out here (ordering links, photos & more):

Oracle of Shadows and Light IN STOCK NOW

Enjoy! I will be back online this weekend, with new paintings!

Until next time...

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