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Two New FoF Original Paintings, ACEOs, Cosmetics Pouches, Hamilton figures, Stretched canvases......

Hi everyone!

A few items of news for you tonight! It's been a bit quiet from me the past several days since my niece & nephew were here visiting me =) Now they're back home, things are back to normal - new art is on the way! Firstly, I have two new original paintings for you tonight (Faces of Faery #100 and #101), as well as a new merchandise line - Cosmetic Bags from HautTotes! Then, I have four new ACEO cards include my I Vampiri: La Sorelle, Loup-Garou: Le Temple, Owlyn, and my Green Man Faces of Faery 98! Finally too - Chris has some new STRETCHED & READY TO HANG Lt. Ed. Canvas prints (Daisy, and Pink Spotted Mermaid as well as some brand new Hamilton Collection figurines (Twilight Delight, Love & Friendship, Tranquility & more!) all up for penny auctions on eBay. Whee!

Now - the latest from my "Faces of Faery" series - brand new for tonight - ORIGINAL PAINTINGS - Faces of Faery #100 and Faces of Faery #101To see her, along with my other currently available ORIGINAL paintings, click below:


Or to see "Faces of Faery #100 specifically.... she is up for ONE PENNY on eBay! Faces of Faery is a very popular series of paintings I've been working on featuring beautiful faces from all corners of the world of Faery (and fairytales, and fantasy in general!). Like all of my Faces of Faery - she is READY TO HANG - you don't need a frame - 6"x6" in size and on 2" gallery style cradled masonite, original acrylic painting (not a print of any kind). Lucky #100 features a beautiful white bunny and his fairy friend! Lovely shades of white, ivory & pink really make for a delicate palette. I love it! She's up for a 10-day auction ending the evening of Tuesday, June 15th 5:50 PM Central Time, starting at one penny and you can see her here:

"Faces of Faery 100" ORIGINAL PAINTING

Next up is Faces of Faery #101 - another original acrylic painting, 6"x6" ready to hang on cradled masonite - Faces of Faery 101 features a darker side of fae, with a decidedly vampiric feel. She has amber golden eyes and dyed black tips on her blonde hair. What a cutie! She's up for a 10-day auction ending the evening of Wednesday, June 16th 6:00 PM Central Time starting at one penny and you can see her here:

"Faces of Faery 101" ORIGINAL PAINTING

Next up - a new line of products! These really are lovely - gorgeous little Cosmetic Bags made by Melissa at HautTotes! These are darling, she has about a dozen different designs up now and will be adding more soon. Only like $12.50 each too - very nice! To see my new cosmetic bags from HautTotes at Etsy click the link below - and be sure to "favourite" her store - she'll be making more! HautTotes Cosmetic Pouches are here:

Jasmine Becket-Griffith Cosmetic Pouches at HautTotes HERE

Now for the new ACEOs - for more info about ACEO cards, how I make them & what they are (basically tiny hand embellished one of a kind canvas prints, trading card sized and highly collectable), consult the individual auction descriptions - they are each one of a kind, hand-painted with accents by me, the artist, and are awesome! I Vampiri: La Sorelle, Loup-Garou: Le Temple, Owlyn, and my Green Man Faces of Faery 98! All are each starting at a penny, with no reserve for 10-day auctions ending the evening of Saturday, June 19th 6:00PM- 6:09PM Central Time.


To see them ALL together visit the ACEO section of my store HERE!

Or individually:

"I Vampiri: La Sorelle" ACEO

"Faces of Faery 98" ACEO - (Green Man!)

"Owlyn" ACEO

"Loup-Garou: Le Temple" ACEO

Also - as I mentioned, Chris at Magical_Figurines has a bunch of new penny auctions up - all Limited Edition items either signed or with CoA's signed by me! He is my brother-in-law who works for me now as my assistant, and his eBay ID is Magical_Figurines. You can see all of his auctions here:

Limited Edition Collectibles & Art at Magical_Figurines HERE

Notably, he has two new auctions up for my STRETCHED & READY TO HANG Hand painted Lt. Ed. Canvas prints - the only place online you can get them ready to hang & already stretched - see the auction for "Daisy" stretched canvas here:

"Daisy" Stretched & Ready to hang, Lt. Ed. Canvas

And the auction for my "Pink Spotted Mermaid" Lt. Ed. stretched canvas is right here

He also has three auctions up for some of my Hamilton Collection figurines - I have signed & dated the Certificates of Authenticity on all of them....

First, here is the auction for my "Tranquility" Angel figurine

Next, here is the auction for my "Twilight Delight" Fairy & baby Unicorn figurine

And finally, here is the auction for my "Love and Friendship" Celtic/Irish Charm figurine

Enjoy! I'm starting a new painting now (no, really?) and will also have a new Hamilton Collection to tell you about soon!

Until next time...
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