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Jasmine's Oracle Deck Now Available, and 50% OFF ALL PRINTS SALE! Half Off ALL PRINTS!

Hey everybody!!

GREAT news for you tonight! First big news - my long-awaited oracle / tarot card deck is now available! "The Oracle of Shadows and Light" is only $19.95 and is already up at Amazon, and also available from the publishers for direct purchase as well. Yay! I got mine in the mail and it is BEYOND gorgeous. I couldn't be happier or more proud of it, I love it. The second big news - from today through Monday, I am having a 50% OFF PRINTS & POSTERS SALE. Yes, half off. That means you can get a big 11"x17" print of mine for only $6.90 - seriously. This is the lowest price ever, and hundreds of prints are on sale. It is for all prints & posters in my Zazzle shop, and you just have to enter the code: MEMORIALSALE during checkout, and you get HALF OFF ALL PRINTS.

Okay - first up - "The Oracle of Shadows and Light" oracle deck! I opened mine up and it is so lovely, highest quality materials & printing, big beautiful cards, hard cover box for storage, 136 page book. 45 cards in all, each measuring 5.5"x3.75" in size. I took a bunch of photos of my deck and have posted it up on my website along with more information - the easiest way to see & read everything is all here:

CLICK HERE To see my Oracle of Shadows and Light - photos & ordering info on my website =)

The deck is only $19.95 (wow!) - includes book & box & everything you need - and it is up at Amazon.com! You can see & order it at Amazon right here:

"Oracle of Shadows and Light" Deck is HERE ON AMAZON

Or, if you prefer to order directly from the publishers, Blue Angel Publishing, or if Amazon sells out quickly (lol - you guys are crazy sometimes!) - you can order it also at the publishers' website here:

"Oracle of Shadows & Light" Deck is HERE at Blue Angel

The link above is an Australian website, so that $34.95 price at the bottom is in AUSTRALIAN dollars, hehe. Don't worry, it will convert to US dollars on your credit card.

If those links don't work, or you want to see close-up photos of the deck - just visit:

Oracle of Shadows and Light on Strangeling.com

I only have a couple copies of the deck for myself, so I won't be selling these directly, so you'll need to order at the links above.

Now - the HALF OFF PRINTS SALE. This only comes maybe twice a year, so do your shopping NOW, you will can a phenomenal amount of money! For Memorial Day weekend, this 50% OFF Prints & Posters sale is held by Zazzle, starts NOW and expires on June 1st, so you have all weekend to pick out your prints! To get the 50% off discount on any prints or posters, just enter Coupon Code MEMORIALSALE during checkout, and click or copy & paste the link below to see all of the sale prints. Even my newest paintings like "Owlyn," "I Vampiri: La Sorelle," "Alannah & the Gargoyle," etc. are all up there! And you can even get the uber-big prints - like 72" tall & stuff too, all on sale! Click below:

CLICK HERE for the prints - BIG prints from only $6.90

Again, the coupon code is MEMORIALSALE - enter the code when checking out.

And as always, to see all of my other currently available original paintings, click below - I have some BEAUTIFUL originals up right now at great prices:

Jasmine's Original Paintings


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