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New Celtic/Gothic Altarpiece Diptych - "Eve and the Tree of Knowledge" ORIGINAL, Alice/Bosch SALE,

Hi everyone!

I have a brand new original painting for you tonight - another gorgeous gothic altarpiece panel made by my husband Matt - this time a diptych (two paneled painting) - almost looks like a stained glass window - called "Eve and the Tree of Knowledge". As usual, Matt has done a phenomenal job making the frame - a dark wood finish this time, with a Celtic Cross / gothic design - you have to see it! Prints are available of Eve as well. In addition, I have the new "Alice and the Bosch Birds" SALE prints up on eBay (only $9.99), and Chris at Magical_Figurines has a slew of new statues up for penny auctions.

All righty - "Eve and the Tree of Knowledge" is the title - this truly is another masterpiece! Another fun collaboration between me & my husband Matt so far! For those art history buffs, this done in the medieval/renaissance altarpiece style - a lovely panel. This is one done in high Gothic style with a Celtic Cross pattern - a aspen wood frame first cut & carved by my lovely husband Matt - and then finished by me in dark wood finish. Then the painting (s) itself is an original acrylic painting on a masonite panel. READY TO HANG - quite large - 29" high by 19" wide, and about an inch thick, very proud of this one! A diptych (two paneled painting - it's like getting TWO paintings in one!) featuring a red-haired Eve on one side and a rather sinister looking Tree of Knowledge on the other side (personally, I don't think I'd eat anything from that tree!!). You can see a lovely green serpent in the tree, and an apple in Eve's hand. The frame looks much like a gothic stained glass window, with a very ornate Celtic knotwork frame - and Matt has added a hanger on the back, so it is READY TO HANG! She's up in my eBay store where she will remain until purchased (otherwise I'll be bringing her to my next art show, so grab her now if you want her!) you can see her below:

"Eve and the Tree of Knowledge" BIG 29"x19" ORIGINAL PAINTING - Original Carved Wood Altarpiece Diptych Frame!

To see all of my other currently available original paintings (some ending soon), click below:

ALL Jasmine's Original Paintings Available HERE

If the original isn't in your budget, I have prints of ALL sizes (up to six feet tall!) in my Zazzle store, starting at $13.80 - you can even add custom framing, matting, different papers, posters, etc. - very cool - check out "Eve and the Tree of Knowledge" up here:

"Eve and the Tree of Knowledge" PRINTS & POSTERS HERE

Next up, I have the eBay SALE prints for "Alice and the Bosch Birds"! The 8"x10" prints are on sale for only $9.99 and are at the link below:

"Alice and the Bosch Birds" 8x10" prints $9.99

and "Alice and the Bosch Birds" 12x16" BIG prints $20

To see any other SALE prints this week - CLICK HERE!

And finally - my brother-in-law Chris over at Magical_Figurines now has several "penny auctions" up for new figurines, statues, stretched canvas prints & more - to see everything all together (everything is signed by me in some way)- click below:

All those goodies at Magical_Figurines HERE

Specifically he has some new Hamilton Collection figurines -

starting with one of my "Red Hat Society" fairy figurines here

also little "Ravishing Rosetta" from my flower garden series here

and little "Peace" from my Breast Cancer Awareness Charity series (with a darling little dove!) here


Until next time...
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