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getting ready to go

i've been busy today! i had to go to the bank to deposit some last minute checks, and i also had to go to the post office to mail 19 paintings/prints. i haven't even started to pack yet...

i called "Linda" at the apartment complex down in florida - she was very nice. i scheduled to meet her shortly after we arrive tomorrow. she told me that there was a waiting list to get an apartment, but since we would not be moving for awhile yet we shouldn't have any problem getting on. she also emailed me a rental application, but i'm not going to apply yet (i want to check out the place first, and i don't have all my financial stuff in order yet!). unfortunately, for self-employed folks like me, they want 2 years of tax records to prove income. i don't have any yet since i didn't really start to sell fulltime until this year. i'll probably end up having my dad co-sign for me (he knows i'm good for it!). i'll ask Linda tomorrow about co-sign applications. i'm excited to see the model apartment though!

somehow, i have two flat tires on my camaro (which i haven't driven but 4 times since i graduated last december...), so we have to fix them tonight so our current apartment folks won't tow it away. we got some treats for amber & chris to nibble while they house-sit/cat-sit for us. we went to subway for lunch (foot long veggies for us both) and for dinner tonight we'll have cheese ravioli.

our plane tickets came this morning YAYAYAYAY! i was worried that they would not come in time, but i guess they know what they are doing. we're thinking about maybe hitting the beach one of our days in florida - we'll have a rental car while we are there. we'll see. there are supposed to be thunderstorms throughout our trip...

well, i'd better get to fixing my stupid tires and packing stuff up. mom is coming to get us at 4:40AM (ugh, that's early), so i'd like to get a bit of sleep tonight.

bye everyone! i'll answer all my email when i get back =P
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