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Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Jasmine is STRANDED in Paris.... thus a new original drawing on an, um, postcard...

Yes, I'm still stuck here until at least the 24th of April...

Making the most of it though, and having fun when I can!


New Original Drawing! On the backside of a postcard, drawn here while I'm STRANDED IN PARIS! Yes, an auction starting at a penny - please check out the auction:

STRANDED IN PARIS: "Notre Dame" - New Original Drawing CLICK HERE!

-more info on the story & the new drawing! (and photos of the other side, lol).

"Stranded in Paris: Notre Dame" (Postcard One)

5.5"x5.5" pen & pencil on the back of a cheap Notre Dame postcard

Subject: sad, stranded fairy girl next to a Notre Dame gargoyle!

Background info***PLEASE READ***

As many of you know - I am literally stranded in Paris, France!

What was intended to be a brief 3-4 day visit has turned into a 12 day confusing odyssey due to all air travel shutting down in Europe because of ash from the Volcano eruption in Iceland.

So basically I am stuck in Paris until (hopefully) April 24th (the third re-booking of my flight....we shall see, Volcano gods......)

In a pathetic attempt to off-set the cost of this unanticipated extended vacation, and (more importantly) to fulfill my ART WITHDRAWALS (as a fulltime artist, I am very used to painting every day at home!), I have come up with a wonderfully cheesy idea.... turning out some drawings on the back of some postcards I had bought, and putting them on eBay of course, lol! I guess this is the technological equivalent of me setting up a sidewalk gallery here outside the Louvre.....

Please do keep in mind:

This artwork is on the back of an actual postcard.

The material is Bic mechanical pencil and some mysterious pen I happened to find. I am stranded without my usual supplies, so this isn't exactly a masterpiece painting, hehe.

The photos in the auction are taken & posted by my IPhone (as I am without computer, scanner, etc. whilst stranded).

I will hopefully be home in time to ship out this artwork as I would any other - currently scheduled to return April 24th - but if the volcano keeps going it could possibly be longer. They tell me though that planes should be up again by then, we'll see... All other eBay items & orders & emails will be shipped & answered as soon as I can come home!

Only this ONE image will ever be created - no prints - no copies - as I don't have a scanner here or anything like that. So it is TRULY UNIQUE!

Thank you for indulging me, and enjoy this mildly amusing bit of personal art history =)

This is the first in what I hope will be a SHORT series of "Stranded in Paris" postcards. I may make more depending how long I stay stuck here, LOL!
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