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Mermaid with a Black Sea Serpent Painting, NEW Resin Ball-Jointed Dolls - Wizard of Oz!!!!

Hi everyone!

I have a big beautiful new original painting for you tonight - and she is lovely!. Starting at just ONE PENNY on eBay (and prints are up already too!)! A mermaid painting with a vibrant dragon - "Mermaid with a Black Sea Serpent". And in other news - my very first RESIN BALL JOINTED DOLLS are now out - "Adventures in Oz" - beautiful 12" fully poseable (9 points of articulation) dolls cast in artists resin featuring my Wizard of Oz girls! Also, Chris at magical_figurines has a couple more penny statue auctions.

Okay! The new original painting....to see ALL of my currently available original paintings, including the new ones click below:

All Jasmine's Original Paintings For Sale

Or directly.... let me introduce "Mermaid with a Black Sea Serpent" - ready to hang - 2" deep cradled masonite it is is an ORIGINAL acrylic painting measuring - a large one, tall and skinny - 24" in height by 6" wide. A very fun size/shape! It features a beautiful golden eyed mermaid under the water with her magnificent companion - a svelte black sea serpent with glistening scales and fins resembling a monarch butterfly's wings (which also matches the fins of the Mermaid's tail). And yes, to give everybody a chance, she is starting at just ONE PENNY! It's up for a 10-day auction ending the evening of Friday, February 26th at 7:11 PM Central Time, and you can see her here:

"Mermaid with a Black Sea Serpent ORIGINAL PAINTING

Now, as I promised - I'm making the "Mermaid with a Black Sea Serpent" prints available NOW. If the original isn't in your budget, grab one of these! These are BIG prints - starting at just $13.80 - and guess what? You can add on custom mats, frames, glass, etc. however you want it. And you can choose the paper type - glossy, matte, canvas, poster, whatever. Small sizes are available as well as HUGE sizes - up to 78" size (that is taller than I am!) Just use the options in the upper right hand corner of this page to choose the size you'd like - leave it plain as a poster print or add framing options. No need to wait any more!!

"Mermaid with a Black Sea Serpent" Prints HERE

Let me point out too - I have a ton of new prints available from Zazzle now (much larger than I can offer elsewhere, with many more sizes/shapes/paper choices, as well as posters options, framing, custom matting, etc.) here:

Jasmine's Posters & Prints at Zazzle HERE

And oh yes, as I mentioned - my brother-in-law/assistant Chris has some of my statues up for penny auctions! And very soon he'll have more available so be sure to bookmark his eBay store(including some rare ones, Bradford, Hamilton, etc. with certificates signed by me - yay!). Check out his current penny auctions here:

New "Penny Statue Auctions" from Chris!

Available NOW from Ashton-Drake! My very first RESIN BALL-JOINTED DOLLS! I've had resin dolls, and vinyl dolls, but never resin ball-jointed (poseable!!) dolls - these are fantastic, very high quality - and BIG - 12" high each! Those of you lucky enough to be at IDEX - the International Doll Expo a couple weeks ago got to see these in person.....

Introducing "Jasmine Becket-Griffith's Wizard Of Oz Fantasy Art Doll Collection: Adventures In Oz". There are five in all, beginning with "Dorothy"....

Click HERE to order Jasmine's Ball-Jointed Resin Wizard of Oz Dolls

Or just call TOLL-FREE 1-877-268-6638 and ask for Jasmine Becket-Griffith's "Wizard Of Oz Fantasy Art Doll Collection: Adventures In Oz" - (starting with Dorothy)

Here is some info about the dolls, as from Ashton-Drake:
*Each fantasy art doll in this collection is expertly handcrafted in artist's resin to recreate the distinctive, cutting-edge look of Jasmine's fantasy artwork, including the dolls' amazing eyes and sense of style!
*These ball-jointed dolls boast 9 points of articulation that allow you to pose them in a multitude of ways
*Dolls' handmade fantasy-chic outfits and accessories are constructed of the finest materials
*As an added touch, each doll sports her own hidden tattoo that represents her singular quest
*Certificates of Authenticity
*Measure 12" H; 30.5 cm H
*Issue One - Dorothy," will be followed by "Issue Two - Scarecrow," "Issue Three - Tinman," "Issue Four - Lion" and "Issue Five - The Witch"
*Only $99.99 per issue - you can even pay in 4 installments of just $25 each =)
* As always there is a 365-day guarantee on these, guaranteeing your 100% satisfaction.

If you are a non-US customer and have questions about my Hamilton/Bradford collectibles, please visit HERE

ANY other questions, call the number above (ie, don't call me - I just do the paintings, hehe).


Until next time...
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