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Valentine Dragon - new original painting, greeting cards, prints........

Hi everyone!

I have a new painting to show you tonight! "Valentine Dragon" - my first Valentine painting of the year! Starting at just one penny! I have prints and CARDS (perfect Valentine's Day cards) up already too.

Also if the links do not appear to be clickable, simply copy & paste the full link text into the URL field of your browser!

All right, the new original painting! "Valentine Dragon" is the title -My first Valentine's Day painting of 2010 (I do them every year, hehe). And possibly the best so far! "Valentine Dragon" is the title..... it features a beautiful purple dragonling with a plump red valentine heart, with a silver & pink haired sweetie! Who could turn down this as a Valentine's Day gift? A very sweet painting, I love it. This painting is 16" high by 12" wide in size, READY TO HANG - 2" deep cradled masonite, hanger already on back. This ORIGINAL acrylic painting is up on eBay starting at just ONE PENNY for a 10-day auction ending the evening of Tuesday January 26th at 7:29 PM Central Time, and you can see it below:

"Valentine Dragon" ORIGINAL PAINTING

And as always, to see all of my other currently available original paintings (some of my art up now is 100% for Haiti Earthquake Relief, check out all my other auctions too!), click below - I have some BEAUTIFUL originals up right now and will be adding more soon:

Click HERE to see all the original paintings!

I'm making the "Valentine Dragon" prints available NOW on Zazzle. If the original isn't in your budget, grab one of these! These are beautiful prints - starting at just $13.80 - and guess what? You can add on custom mats, frames, glass, etc. however you want it. And you can choose the paper type - glossy, matte, canvas, poster, whatever. Small sizes are available as well as BIG sizes - up to 52"x71" in size. Just use the options in the upper right hand corner of this page to choose the size you'd like - leave it plain as a poster print or add framing options. No need to wait any more!! Make lovely Valentine's Day gifts!

Click HERE for Valentine Dragon prints & posters

Also in addition to prints, I have CARDS - Greeting Cards or Note Cards - different sizes, from $2.95 - PERFECT Valentine's Day Cards, and you can buy them in bulk too if you want to send them out to everybody, or just buy one. Click below to see my "Valentine Dragon" cards:

Valentine Dragon CARDS are here! Perfect for Valentine's Day!


Until next time...
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