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Jasmine's NEW Custom Painting Auction, ACEOs, #1 Canvases, FaerieCon....

Hi everyone!

A quick update with some new artwork before I leave for FaerieCon! Most of my new original paintings I've done lately will debut at FaerieCon (some lovely ones - I'll show you when I get back home, and if you're at the show you'll get to see them first!!). But for now - I have a brand new original painting for you - since you've all been asking - another very special auction for one penny - a CUSTOM PAINTING - of a Faces of Faery - it'll be #46 - the winner of this auction gets to tell ME how to finish painting her! These are so much fun! In addition I have new ACEO Cards: one with a painting you've never seen before from Dragon*Con - "Alchemical Queen (Set of Three!)", "Owl Butterfly Triptych (Set of Three)," "Dragonling Garden I" and "Ghost of a Rose." And finally, I have some new #01 (FIRST in the edition) hand embellished Lt. Ed. Canvas prints - "Wolves of Venice," and "Angel with Ferrets" - and everything is up on eBay for a penny!

All orders paid as of now will ship tomorrow before we leave. All others will ship after I return, November 10th. Please feel free to bid on all of my auctions - I'll be back home and ready to ship with little to no delay whatsoever! I'll have limited email access while I'm at the art show, so you'll probably hear from me once I get back home. Those coming to the show - details are up on the FaerieCon website - it's at the Hunt Valley Marriott in Baltimore, MD and I'll be at my booth all day every day of the show with TONS of art! For more info, visit:

FaerieCon Info!

First off is the new original painting - a CUSTOM Faces of Faery - this is the 46th in the series. The winning bidder will receive the painting in the photos, but first they will get to tell me the following: **Haircolour/Style (I can make it shorter, curly, add bangs, whatever you'd like) **Eye Colour, Makeup **Skintone, Freckles, Tattoos **Wings if you'd like me to fit some in (note the size & placement of the face on the panel, it'd be a hint of them or very small ones) **I could potentially add a bit of ornamentation like paint in a butterfly or flowers in her hair, earrings, leaves, something along those lines. Faces of Faery all feature beautiful faery-inspired creatures, and she is no exception. This big eyed beauty is to be painted just for you! After the auction ends, I will email you and YOU will tell ME how to finish her! It is on GALLERY STYLE CRADLED MASONITE - 6"x6" in size (like all Faces of Faery) - Matt has added a hanger on the back, so it is READY TO HANG! No frame needed! She's up on eBay starting at ONE PENNY for a 10-day auction ending the evening of Wednesday, November 11th at 5:57PM Central Time .


To see all of my currently available original paintings, some ending very soon - click below:

ALL Jasmine's Currently Available Original Paintings

Now for the new ACEOs - for more info about ACEO cards, how I make them & what they are (basically tiny hand embellished one of a kind canvas prints, trading card sized and highly collectable), consult the individual auction descriptions - they are each one of a kind, hand-painted with accents by me, the artist, and are awesome! All are each starting at a penny, with no reserve for ten-day auctions ending on the evening of Wednesday, November 11th 6:00PM-6:09PM Central Time.

To see them ALL together visit the ACEO section of my store HERE

Or individually:

"Alchemical Queen" ACEO SET OF THREE CARDS (This is BRAND NEW for most of you - never seen unless you came and saw it at Dragon*Con!):

"Owl Butterfly Triptych" ACEO SET OF THREE CARDS

"Ghost of a Rose" ACEO

"Dragonling Garden I" ACEO

Next up are my new #01 Lt. Ed. Hand Embellished Canvas Prints. Each is the #01 - FIRST of each edition - #01 out of only 25 ever made. I sign and number and date them and add special embellishments and hand painted details. The next best thing to owning the original! Since many collectors prefer the #01 print I auction these off on eBay starting at just one penny - these are up for 10-day auctions ending the evening of Wednesday, November 11th at 6:12PM & 6:15PM Central Time and you can see them below:

"Angel with Ferrets" #01 Lt. Ed. CANVAS Print

"Wolves of Venice" #01 Lt. Ed. CANVAS Print

While I'm gone - you can still place orders from my Zazzle store - it will be up and running as usual with no delay, 24/7! I add new merchandise just about every single day! New shirts, stationery, stickers, shoes, bags, binders, magnets, photosculptures, skateboards, postcards and more - click below to see:

Zazzle is always open!

Enjoy! Hope to see you at FaerieCon!

Until next time...


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