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New original Folding Triptych Painting - Owls! Also ACEOs & Wolves of Venice prints on sale..

Hi everyone!

I have a brand new painting for you tonight - another folding gothic altarpiece triptych - three paintings in an ornate Strangeling Frame - "Owl Butterfly Triptych" it is called - gorgeous! And guess what - it's up for one penny on eBay! Matt has done a phenomenal job making the frame - you have to see it! In addition I have several brand new ACEO cards for you as well (including Mermaid Picking Lotus Blossoms, The Scarecrow, Tin Girl & more...). And in addition to that, I now have SALE PRINTS of "Wolves of Venice" from only $9.99 for a limited time. Also I wanted to let you Zazzle fans know about a 20% off sale code!

Also if the links do not appear to be clickable, simply copy & paste the full link text into the URL field of your browser!

Quick for my Zazzle people - visit my Zazzle store below and enter coupon code: RACHAELRAY20 when ordering, and get 20% off your order! Thanks Rachael Ray!:

Jasmine's Zazzle Store

All righty - the new big original - "Owl Butterfly Triptych" is the title - this truly is another masterpiece! One of the most impressive collaborations between me & my husband Matt so far! For those art history buffs, this is a true FOLDING TRIPTYCH - done in the medieval altarpiece style. In the past, many churches would have folding altarpieces that they would unfold on Sundays or on holidays to display the painted interior. This is one done in high Gothic style - a solid poplar wood triptych (three paneled painting) first cut & carved by my lovely husband Matt - and then finished by me in an antiqued gold leaf finish. It is THREE original paintings in one - it features a beautiful fairy creature in the central panel surrounded by beautiful butterflies and autumn leaves. This piece is inspired by the butterflies of the Caligo genus, which through mimicry camouflage themselves with an owl-like pattern (down to the eyes!) on their wings. On the left panel there is a lovely hoot owl, and on the right panel there is a caligo butterfly with some autumn leaves. A the top of the central panel, forming a sort of "window" I have painted the sky with butterflies trailing off into the distance! And yes indeed - it has hinges and folds closed - it is way cool. We're very proud of this one! A good size - 21" high and about 14.5" wide when extended. One of my best paintings to date - please do check it out! All ready to hang - this can truly make your house look like a Gothic Cathedral or a fine art museum! Original acrylic painting on solid poplar wood with gold leaf and metal hinges. Matt has added a hanger on the back, so it is READY TO HANG! She's up for just ONE PENNY on eBay for a 10-day auction ending the evening of Monday, October 26th at 5:00PM Central Time, and you can see her below:

"Owl Butterfly Triptych" BIG 21"x14.5" ORIGINAL PAINTING - Original Carved Wood Folding Altarpiece Frame!

To see all of my other currently available original paintings, click below:

Jasmine's ORIGINAL Paintings

Next up are my new ACEO cards made from my latest paintings! Each is a tiny hand embellished one of a kind canvas print - I only make ONE card ever for each painting - they are numbered #1/1 and signed & dated by me in acrylic paints. Each starts at just ONE PENNY - aceo cards are fun to collect and fit in standard trading card paraphernalia, I love them! Each is up for a 7 day auction on eBay starting at one penny, ending on the evening of Thursday, October 22nd 6:00PM-6:15PM Central Time. To see ALL the ACEO cards, click below:


Or individually:

"Mermaid Picking Lotus Blossoms" ACEO Card

"Faces of Faery #37" (Celtic girl) ACEO Card

"Faces of Faery #38" (featuring my Tin Girl from Wizard of Oz) ACEO Card

"Faces of Faery #39" ACEO Card

"Faces of Faery #40" (masquerade!) ACEO Card

"The Scarecrow" ACEO Card

And finally - I have SALE PRINTS of "Wolves of Venice"! To see ALL my sale prints (I have a ton of Halloween prints on sale - ending very soon!) - click below:

ALL the Sale Prints

See "Wolves of Venice" 8x10 prints for $9.99 click HERE

Or directly - to see "Wolves of Venice" 12x16 prints for $20 click HERE


Until next time...
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