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Hi everyone!

Two bits of great news for you today! Firstly - I'm running a HUGE HALLOWEEN SALE up at eBay - tons of my Halloween prints - even my brand new "The Scarecrow" are all up on sale for only $9.99 - so many to choose from!! And as always, you only pay shipping on the first one - all additional sale prints ship FREE! And in other good news - this will probably make some of you very happy - I have UPDATED MY TATTOO PAGE!

Firstly - the tattoo page - YES I have updated it! I've restructured it into an "album" format, this way it will be much easier for me to add new tattoos on a daily basis if need be. No more long waits to get your tattoo added! I've put over 500 photos of your tattoos up. Wow! You guys rock! Each album holds 200 photos so right now there are three albums. I'll make more as these fill up. #3 has the newest tattoos, and actually a lot of #2 is brand new as well. I tried finding all the pics I could that you all have sent me, but please forgive me if I'm missing yours. I have six computers, two houses, a couple laptops, cellphones, myspace, livejournal, facebook, email, eBay, etsy and folks send me photos through all combinations of the above - and sometimes photos get mis-placed (it's hard to keep them all in one place!). If I've missed yours - email me the photo and any credit info here at JasmineToad@aol.com and I'll get yours added asap. To see the NEW TATTOO ALBUMS, click below:


You can also see the tattoo albums (and other fun photo albums) up at my official Facebook Fanpage (you don't even need to join!) here:

Click HERE to see the Albums directly

Okay - enough about that - now for the HALLOWEEN SALE prints! The easiest way to see all the sale prints is to just got the SALE section of my store below:

Click HERE to see the whole HALLOWEEN SALE

The Scarecrow, Halloween Twilight, Ghost of the Pumpkin Patch, Little Candy Witch, Queen of Halloween, Pumpkin Pixie, Out Trick-or-Treating, Pumpkin King's Night Out, A Clockwork Pumpkin, Halloween Night, A Pumpkin Gift, and Three Witchy Sisters are all up on sale - $9.99 for the 8x10s. And as with all my eBay items, I'm happy to combine shipping - for example if you buy even twenty or thirty small prints and want First Class US shipping, it's ONLY $1.50 still! =)

"The Scarecrow " 8"x10" SALE PRINT $9.99

& "The Scarecrow " 12"x16" SALE PRINT $20

& "Halloween Twilight" 8"x10" SALE PRINT $9.99

& "Ghost of the Pumpkin Patch" 8"x10" SALE PRINT $9.99

& "Little Candy Witch" 8"x10" SALE PRINT $9.99

& "Queen of Halloween" 8"x10" SALE PRINT $9.99

& "Pumpkin Pixie" 8"x10" SALE PRINT $9.99

& "Out Trick-or-Treating" 8"x10" SALE PRINT $9.99

& "Pumpkin King's Night Out" 8"x10" SALE PRINT $9.99

& "A Clockwork Pumpkin" 8"x10" SALE PRINT $9.99

& "Halloween Night" 8"x10" SALE PRINT $9.99

& "A Pumpkin Gift" 8"x10" SALE PRINT $9.99

& "Three Witchy Sisters" 8"x10" SALE PRINT $9.99

And To see my currently available ORIGINAL paintings, just visit my Original Paintings section of my store here:

Current Original Jasmine Becket-Griffith Paintings for sale

And also as always - I have been a busy bee adding new clothing, shoes, postcards, photosculptures, magnets, stickers and more up at my Zazzle store here - including lots of HALLOWEEN stuff:

NEW Stuff on Zazzle

Enjoy! Be on the lookout for new original paintings soon, too!

Until next time...


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