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New Original Faces of Faery Paintings, LAST CHANCE on #25 Priestess of Quetzalcoatl, & STATIONERY!

Hi everyone!

Hope you all had a great weekend! I have TWO NEW ORIGINAL paintings for you and both start at just ONE PENNY on eBay! They are two of the originals from my "Faces of Faery" series. In additon I have listed the VERY LAST #25 Lt. Ed. Hand Painted Canvas print for "Priestess of Quetzalcoatl." This is the last one - #25 of 25 - all others (numbers #01-#24 have sold out). She's up for auction starting at a penny to give everybody a chance too. Also I wanted to tell you all about a new line of merchandise up at Zazzle - Strangeling Stationery! Also for those wanting to order my NEW BOOK - "Portfolio Volume TWO" - I have the link as well as the Coupon Code at the bottom of this email, so you can save 10% off if you order before Halloween.

The new original paintings - the 39th and 40th paintings in my "Faces of Faery" series - my popular series of paintings I've been working on that featuring beautiful faces from all corners of the world of Faery. Each is READY TO HANG - you don't need a frame - 6"x6" in size and on 2" gallery style cradled masonite, original acrylic paintings (not prints of any kind). The great thing about my "Faces of Faery" series of paintings is that they are all the same size and are intended to hang beautifully in a group as well as on their own - for example they make fabulous groupings of several paintings together (I hung up nine of them on my wall in a square shape and it looked fantastic!). To see the new originals (and all other currently available original paintings) simply click below - they're near the bottom of the page here:

All My Available Original Paintings, All Together!

Or individually - here is "Faces of Faery 39" - she is the 39th in the series. One of my beautiful big eyed fairy girls - her wings and hair shimmering - blues and greens against a bright pink background! And yes, to give everybody a chance, she is starting at just ONE PENNY! She's up for a 10-day auction ending the afternoon/evening of Monday, October 12th at 5:37PM, and you can see her here:

"Faces of Faery: 39" ORIGINAL PAINTING

And here is "Faces of Faery 40" - she is the 40th in the series. Faces of Faery all feature beautiful faery-inspired creatures, and she is no exception. This violet-eyed beauty is decked out in her masquerade finery - a matching black & violet mask in her hands...... And yes again, to give everybody a chance, she is starting at just ONE PENNY! She's up for a 10-day auction ending the afternoon/evening of Monday, October 12th at 5:41PM, and you can see her here:

"Faces of Faery 40" ORIGINAL PAINTING

To see all of the "Faces of Faery" Original Paintings I have currently available, click below:

Those Lovely FACES OF FAERY are here!

Now is the LAST CHANCE canvas print of "Priestess of Quetzalcoatl" - #25. Numbers 1-24 are all already sold. So if you ever want a hand painted Priestess of Quetzalcoatl Canvas, this is the last print in the edition. I will not make any more. This is what Limited Edition is all about folks - they eventually run out! Due to demand/request and to be fair to all, I'm starting her last canvas print at one penny and am listing her on eBay for all to bid. She's up for a 10-day auction ending the afternoon/evening of Monday October 12th at 5:12PM Central Time:

"Priestess of Quetzalcoatl" approx. 11"x14" #25 Hand Embellished Canvas Print - LAST ONE

Let this also be a wakeup call for those who have been proctrastinating on whichever canvas prints you have your eye one, hehe - they do run out eventually! You can find the Canvas prints for most of my paintings up at my website:


Okay - next up - since a handful of you have been requesting stationery, I thought I'd let you know - I have a new line of Strangeling Stationery up at ZAZZLE. I have several new designs up now and there will be many more new designs coming soon! You can choose what type of paper (linen, recycled, speckled, etc.) and it really is lovely. Click below to see the new Strangeling Stationery:

Check out the new STATIONERY HERE!

And finally - some of you may have heard - my new book "Jasmine Becket-Griffith: Portfolio Volume Two" is now on sale! Click the link below for more info. And when ordering - if you use the coupon code: FALLREAD when you are placing your order - you will save 10% off if you order before October 31st!

That's all for now! I should have a new Halloween painting for you very soon!


Until next time...

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