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Jasmine Becket-Griffith

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bubu lubu [Aug. 25th, 2002|04:36 pm]
Jasmine Becket-Griffith
[mood |productiveproductive]
[music |a TV show about Tourette's Syndrome on Discovery Health]

i'm eating a mexican candy bar called "bubu lubu". it is tasty. it is a marshmallow and strawberry jelly bar dipped in chocolate. my mom gave it to me - we went out for breakfast at panera bread today. i had an asiago cheese bagel with roasted garlic hummus. it was tasty as well. we went and looked at puppies at a puppy store after breakfast - it was fun and adorable.

i'm feeling kind of groggly still - i had an awful time falling asleep last night (my throat was swollen). i think that i am on the mend, or at least i am excited enough about my vacation that i don't notice my symptoms!

i am supposed to receive my airline tickets sometime before we leave - it should arrive tomorrow by express mail. that's cutting it a little close! i wish we had e-tickets, but oh well. if they do not arrive tomorrow i will call the airline (since our plane leaves so early the next morning.) now i'm nervous =P

i'm readying a bunch of packages to mail tomorrow - i had several people pay me this weekend, so i need to get everything shipped before i leave. i've been preparing and signing prints, etc. i would like to get some painting in today (and maybe even tomorrow) so i can get some auctions up tomorrow before we leave. i finished a 6th "Tattooed Fairy" yesterday - i'll post that pretty soon. i think i may offer a set of #1-#5 prints together as a collection. i updated my website friday - i added "Tori Amos Fairy", "Angel of Blood", and "Greta" to the prints store. i also updated my entry page (at www.strangeling.com) after having it the same for over a year. now it has a few other of my paintings (not just "Wood Nymph") featured on the main page. it was recently brought to my attention that "Wood Nymph" (the green girl who is on my business cards and logo) is not even available as a print on my website! i can't believe i overlooked her - it is one of the few originals i have hanging in my home. i need to update that soon!

i am looking into having some custom wholesale cardboard boxes made so that i can inexpensively crate and ship some larger paintings. i would like to start offering larger works on stretched canvases on eBay. i have mostly stuck to small pieces, with anything over 8x10" done on paper or canvas-paper rolled in art mailing tubes. i would also like to paint some larger pieces for myself, so that i can put something up on my walls! there are approximately half a dozen people out there who own more of my original paintings than i do myself! after i move, i am going to frame (or have matt frame, rather) my originals, and actually make some prints for myself. there are several paintings of mine that i regret having sold (particularly when i was first starting out on eBay and sold some damn nice pieces practically for pocket change) and i would like to have some nice framed prints of them.

i was going to give amber a key today so that she could watch my kitties & home while we're away, but she already had one left over from my last vacation! i'll give one to kachina too. any way, i'd better get back to work.

From: ariaelf
2002-08-25 06:28 pm (UTC)

Pic, prints

Ok, your button pic is creapy =) You dark-pixie you. *loL* Oh yah, I was going to ask you by email, but I guess you can just repond by email... my first question, is how do *you* make prints? I know there are a bunch of ways...like you can go to a print shop and pick lythographs, or gee-clays (thats how its pronounced, i know its spelled totoally differently) or a bunch of other stuff (i dont even know what all the differences are in all the prints, like silk-creening and lazor and all that other stuff), and its all expencive =P or you can go to kinkos (laugh, the really cheap way) or you might be able to do it at home yourself on good quality photo paper and an excelent printer. But I want to know how you do it =)
I know what you mean about other ppl having more of your originals than you... laugh. I haven't sold a lot on ebay yet, but half my pieces that I love are in galleries or given away to good friends. Some of that I regret, but then I think, I can always make more =P Plus, I hardly ever give or sell or display anything without having some sort of record - a scan, a photo, something. I can always make a darn good reproduction from that piece of evidence if I need to or get nestalgic =)I think it's a good idea for artists to keep %15-25 of their original work as an investment, especially their early work. You can always pass it on to your family when you're gone, and they can auction it if they want to. Plus, you can still sell the prints, just not the originals that you really love. And you get something to put on *your* walls =)

Ok, talk to ya later =)

PS. OH! Yah, im going to check out all the new stuff on your webpage now =)

*hug* -Ariaelf
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