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New Original FERRET Painting! And introducing my new Ceramic Tile Candle Sconces.....

Hi everyone!

First I have a brand new BEAUTIFUL original FERRET painting tonight - the latest in my popular Ferrets series - up on eBay for just ONE PENNY now! And a portion of the proceeds goes to my local ferret rescue group, Broward Ferret Rescue. In addition I have a brand new Ceramic Tile Candle Sconce in wrought iron featuring my painting "The Last Leaves" (also starting at a penny.)

First - the new FERRET painting! "Angel with Ferrets" is the title - the latest in my ever-popular Ferrets series! I've shown this beautiful angel (or maybe she's just a fairy with feathery wings - how can you tell, really?) holding two armsful of beautiful ferrets. Perhaps she is a protector of ferrets, or perhaps she is helping them cross over into a lovely ferret heaven, or maybe they're just her pets and she's posing for a wiggly portrait. 10% of the sale of this painting will go to my local Florida Broward Ferret Rescue. This is an ORIGINAL PAINTING - not a print of any kind! Matt has added a hanger on the back, so it is READY TO HANG! She is 12"x16" on a cradled masonite panel 2" deep (sides painted black, gallery style).. This ORIGINAL painting is up on eBay starting at just ONE PENNY for a 10-day auction ending the evening of Monday September 21st at 7:26PM Central Time and you can see it below:

"Angel with Ferrets" ORIGINAL PAINTING!

And as always, to see all of my other currently available original paintings, click below - I have some BEAUTIFUL originals up right now at great prices:

Jasmine's Original Paintings

Next - my Ceramic Tile Candle Sconces! This is the first I have ever offered on eBay. Those of you who come to my conventions and art shows may be familiar with these - (or not, I always sell out fast!). Since you have been asking, I thought I'd start offering them online when I can as well. So good for you who don't live in my neck of the woods! This first one features my painting "The Last Leaves" - here we have a GORGEOUS ceramic tile reproduction of my painting - READY TO HANG! This is a reproduction of my original acrylic painting on a 6"x6" satin gloss CERAMIC TILE. I've signed & dated her on the back. I can't stress how gorgeous this is! This is a REAL ceramic tile - NOT paper or decoupage or stickers - it is a PERMANENT heat dyed image. It will never peel off - it is permanently dyed into the tile itself. The frame is beautiful, cast iron scrolls - about 11"x11" in size. Hangs up with just a nail! Being a 6"x6" it would also look great displayed with my Faces of Faery. It can be the focus of any room or tucked away in a cozy nook!! This will hold a tea light, or a votive candle, or even the new battery powered "candles" you see nowadays if you like. However, just to start you off - I will throw in a tea light as shown in the pictures! I plan on making more soon, with many different paintings of mine. My "Last Leaves" ceramic tile candle sconce is up for a 10-day auction starting at one penny, ending the evening of Monday, September 21st at 6:00PM Central Time and you can see her below:

"The Last Leaves" Ceramic Tile Candle Sconce


Until next time...

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