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New #01 Canvases for auction! Also, important ordering/payment info for upcoming week...

Hi everyone!

I have four new #01 Canvas Prints up for auction (finally!). "A Candle in the Dark," "Little Miss Muffet," "Halloween Twilight," and "Halloween Cupcakes" (actually a painting from last year, but I somehow forgot to list the #01 canvas last fall!). Each is up for ONE PENNY! In addition I have some very important ordering/payment information in regards to my upcoming Art Show at Dragon*Con (as I'll be out of town!).

Okay yes - we're stopping all shipments this Tuesday, September 1st since we're hauling all my art up to Atlanta for Dragon*Con. What does this mean to you? Well, hopefully I'll be seeing you at Dragon*Con, so it won't make a difference, hehe ;) But for the rest of you - just a few things - firstly, my eBay store items (those 1,200 non-auction listings for prints that are always there) are now in "vacation mode" - which means they have temporarily disappeared while we prepare to leave for the show. Don't worry, they will magically re-appear shortly before I get back home. If you have purchased anything recently or are planning on winning any of my auctions ending shortly - don't worry - if you get payment to me before this Monday (August 31st) by Noon Eastern Time - (Paypal would work best, send to JasmineToad@aol.com ) - I can easily get your package shipped out before I leave. Otherwise - no hurry on payment - I will be back home soon and can easily ship out your package after I get back home on Tuesday the 8th. Not a problem either way, whatever is easiest for you! GOOD NEWS - my current eBay auctions are not affected by my absence in any way, you see the ones ending soon will be ending before I leave town (and those paid before noon Monday will ship before I go), and the other ones (including all the new ones tonight!) will be ending once I'm back home here in Florida, so they will ship with no delay. So please - bid with confidence as usual on the auctions - any questions - ask me! And feel free in the meantime to order prints from www.strangeling.com =)

I'll be posting some other new art before I leave for the show, don't worry. I always paint up until the last minute, lol.

Now for the new canvas prints!

The new Lt. Ed. #01/25 Hand Embellished Canvas Prints are now up for auction for- "A Candle in the Dark," "Little Miss Muffet," "Halloween Twilight," and "Halloween Cupcakes"- each is up for a 10-day auction on eBay starting at just a penny with NO reserve - the auctions will be ending on the afternoon/evening of Tuesday, September 8th 5:00 - 5:09PM Central Time . Again - I will be home in time to ship these out promptly, so there should be no delays - feel free to bid as usual! Click the links below to see the new canvas prints:

See them ALL here (just scroll down past my vacation announcement...)

"Halloween Twilight" #01 CANVAS PRINT 11x14

"Little Miss Muffet" #01 CANVAS PRINT 11x14

"A Candle in the Dark" #01 CANVAS PRINT 11x14

& "Halloween Cupcakes" #01 CANVAS PRINT 8x10

I have some originals up for auction currently that will be ending before I go - so if you want a Jasmine original and aren't able to make it to Dragon*Con, you can still snag one of these (and if you Paypal quickly, I can even send it before I leave!!) click below:

Jasmine's Current Original Paintings

Again, in the meantime or while I'm gone you can still place orders with www.strangeling.com (those ordered after Monday will ship after I get back on the 8th, but can still be processed), and of COURSE you can order all my stuff from Zazzle as usual, since all that is handled by the Zazzle people here:

Strangeling's Zazzle


Until next time...

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