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HUGE Bradford/Hamilton update from Jasmine! New International Ordering Help!

Hi everyone!

I have some very exciting news! I have done a huge update on my Collectibles page for Bradford Exchange/Hamilton Collection and have brand new figurines to show you! In addition I've created a resource page specifically for International (non-US) customers interested in ordering Bradford/Hamilton items. I've even got an online shop to tell you about that imports my Bradford/Hamilton collectibles and will ship them to you WORLDWIDE. How's that for good news?

First off - to see all of the collectibles I have ordering information for, all with pictures, links, all the important stuff - all together - click below:

Click Here to see Jasmine's New Bradford Collectibles!

All you do is click on the picture of the figurine/collection you are interested in and you'll see all the ordering info! Yay!

There are a few brand new ones I'd like to show you specifically - first is "Amethyst" - she is not a fairy, but a DRAGON! You know, the cute dragons you've seen in my paintings - well - they are now in the "real" world as statues! Amethyst is the first of my "Jasmine's Jeweled Protectors" dragon figurine series. She's all blues and purples, set with over 50 simulated amethyst jewels! She's online already at Hamilton (or can be ordered by phone), for links and other ordering info just click below:

Click HERE to see "Amethyst"

Next is my little "Ravishing Rosetta" - first of my "Fairy-Tale Garden Flower" Fairy Figurines - inspired by some of my favourite flowers and love of gardens. Ravishing Rosetta sits atop a dew encrusted rose - the roses are beautiful sparkling gems - she is so pretty! Soon she will be followed by the next in the series which will feature Gerbera Daisies, and then one with Sunflowers!!! She's online already at Hamilton (or can be ordered by phone) for links and other info regarding ordering, just click below:

Click HERE to see "Ravishing Rosetta"

Another of the new ones is called "Tiny Cu-Tea" and she just might be the cutest one there! Those of you who know me in person know that I LOVE TEA! Faeries and tea parties just go together perfectly. My new collection is called "Tiny Treasures Teacup Fairies" - which are all tiny faeries who are hiding in or sitting in teacups. It is even cuter than it sounds, lol. Tiny Cu-Tea will be followed by "Precious Swee-Tea" and "Little Beau-Tea"! Tiny Cu-Tea is already online at Hamilton (or can be ordered by phone), for links and other ordering info just click below:

Click HERE to see "Tiny Cu-Tea"

Now - as I mentioned - I have made a special resource page with ALL the information I have regarding international ordering info for Hamilton/Bradford collectibles. This really is ALL the info I have. If you email me with other questions about international ordering, I won't be able to tell you because I already wrote it all here. Please read it if you live outside the US and want to order from Hamilton/Bradford. It has all the info and links you should ever need! Any further questions you are left with will have to be directed to Hamilton/Bradford via the links on that page. Whew! To see the page about non-US orders for the Hamilton/Bradford collectibles, click below (and bookmark it for future reference). I've noticed Bradford UK is adding more of my stuff everyday!:

International Customer Ordering Info for Jasmine's Bradford & Hamilton Collectibles - CLICK HERE

And along similar lines - I'd like to tell you about a wonderful website out of Canada called "The Realm" which is run by an even more wonderful lady named Tiffany. She actually IMPORTS the Bradford/Hamilton figurines and will ship them WORLDWIDE, even to countries that don't have Bradford websites. You will love this website if you live overseas and want my collectibles!

You can see what The Realm has of my Bradford/Hamilton collectibles currently here:

The Realm's Jasmine Becket-Griffith Hamilton Collectibles (they ship worldwide!)

They have many other types of my merchandise and other figurines, jewelry, tons of stuff that is hard to get in other countries, and she ships these worldwide too - just click here:

Other Jasmine Stuff at The Realm

I'm not affiliated with the website, I don't process or ship orders or anything like that, I just thought I'd pass on the link to help everybody overseas find a good resource of where to order my collectibles and other stuff! You can contact them with specific questions here: therealm@shaw.ca - if there is something you're looking for, they may be able to help you out or even may already have it on order.

Wheeee! That's all for now! Back to painting I go.

And of course, check out my new original paintings up at eBay here:

Jasmine's Original Paintings

Thank you all so much for your help and support as always - you all mean a lot to me. Without you guys I couldn't dedicate my life to creating my artwork, doing what I love. Thank you all so much!


Until next time...
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