Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Stuff and Nonsense

Well, last night I didn't fall asleep until 8:30 in the morning. I went to bed at 2:00 am and laid there sleepless for over six hours before drifting off into confusing dreams. I woke up at noon (which usually sounds late, but considering I only had 3 1/2 hours of sleep it's not very...), and did a bunch of computer stuff. I finished a digital commission, and did some sketches for some future paintings. I've found that I really like doing "illustrative" pieces (a la my Alice piece) that show scenes from books. I want to do some more fairy tale pieces (maybe a new Rapunzel, a Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, etc.). I've got the complete Grimm's fairy tales book (a very cool one, where every thing is direct from the original German translation) and I'm going to poke through it for story ideas. I'd like to do some of the lesser known fairy tales (not just the standard selection). I also have a few more Alice pieces forming in my head, and perhaps some Wind in the Willows - inspired pieces (Mr. Toad!!!!!!).

Congratulations to my cousin Annie novemberhour on her engagement to the fine Mr. Campos! I wish them both a lifetime of marital bliss =) This summer is going to be filled with weddings.

Tomorrow should be a fascinating blend of going to the post office and getting my taxes done. I might even squeeze in a stop at the bank (oh how exciting!).

On Friday I am going to go out shopping with my sisters - maybe I will find some clothes that I actually like for once. Cheap clothes, lol. Damn my expensive tastes! It seems that whenever I find something that I like and it actually fits, it is beyond my budget. Of course, I've been keeping an unnaturally strict budget lately due to the expenses of moving, etc., so most clothing is currently out of my budget. For basics (pants, shorts, etc.) I generally shop in the little boys' department, since the sizes fit me better and the clothing is SOOOO much cheaper than ladies' clothes. The stitching is generally better too, since little boys tend to do things like climb trees and such. But for everything else, alas, there is a dearth of pretty sundresses and blouses in the little boys department, so I will probably have to shell out some money for some girls' clothes, lol.

I wish I were more tired - I hate being on the "up all night - sleep all morning" schedule that my body seems to want me to conform to. I have some sleeping pills in the bathroom, but I really don't want to take them. I used to all the time, and it got to be that I would need 8 or 10 of them just to get to sleep each night, and I'm trying to avoid such dependencies. I've started exercising regularly on my exercise bike (an alleged cure for insomnia) but it doesn't seem to help much in that respect. I just never feel very rested, and I spend too much time in that waking-sleep-limbo state where I constantly think somebody is whispering my name in my ear =P

Bleah. I'm going to watch tapes of assorted BBC comedies now and lay down next to a sleepy Matt.
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