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New Painting - "Wolf Moon" big lovely original, ready to hang.....

Hi everyone!

I have a brand new painting for you tonight - "Wolf Moon" - and it is so beautiful! And big - 24"x18" - and on eBay for just ONE PENNY now! For those of you who keep up with My Facebook got to see me painting the original through mobile upload photos today!

"Wolf Moon" is the title - the latest installment in my Wolves series. A beautiful girl (perhaps a wolf in human form? a werewolf?) sits in front of a full moon with her elegant wolf companion. If you look closely you'll see she has a tattoo of a wolf's footprint..... And she's BIG - 24" high by 18" wide. This really is a stunning piece - it truly can be the focus of any room. This is an ORIGINAL PAINTING - not a print of any kind! Matt has added a hanger on the back, it is an original acrylic on cradled masonite 2" thick with black sides - so it is READY TO HANG! She's up for just ONE PENNY on eBay for a 10-day auction ending the evening of Tuesday, August 11th at 7:20 PM Central Time, and you can see her below:

"Wolf Moon" 18"x24" ORIGINAL PAINTING!

Not quite in the market for the original? No worries, I have already listed postcards (frameable!) for only $1.70 of "Wolf Moon" up at Zazzle! You can see the Wolf Moon postcards here:

Wolf Moon POSTCARDS - only $1.70 - easy to frame!

I have many other paintings of mine available in Postcard form for only $1.70 at Zazzle - you can see many of them here:

All Jasmine's $1.70 Postcards

And as always, to see all of my other currently available original paintings, click below - I have some BEAUTIFUL originals up right now at great prices:

Jasmine's ORIGINALS - Check them out HERE!


Until next time...

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