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"Angel in Lilac" - new ORIGINAL PAINTING - with Strangeling Frame by Matt!

Hi everyone!

I have a very special painting for you tonight - a new original painting in an original "Strangeling Frame" - the painting is by me, and the intricately carved Strangeling frame is by Matt - "Angel in Lilac" - truly beautiful, with a NeoClassical flair - starting at just ONE penny up on eBay! In addition I also have $1.70 postcards available of "Angel in Lilac" in case you're not quite ready for an original =)

This is my latest painting - "Angel in Lilac" - framed & ready-to-hang - a delicately beautiful angelic fairy creature with liquid doe-like eyes. She wears a lilac gown with golden dragon motif (matches the frame!) with her feathery wings & butterflies ascending to the opening in the heavens behind her. About the FRAME: I am VERY proud of this original picture frame. My husband Matt made it out of a SINGLE PIECE of solid oak wood (environmentally selected). The frame is very ornate, SOLID WOOD - no plastic or resin/foam - this is all wood. Several of my fairy characters & faces are carved at the top along wtih some dragon designs - an ornate Neo-Classical frieze - a bit Greco-Roman looking - with amazing details. One of the most beautiful picture frames I've ever seen (I'm so proud of Matt!) I have finished the frame with antiqued gold leaf and it is gorgeous. Check out the pictures! And guess what? Bidding starts at ONE PENNY with no reserve! "Angel in Lilac" is up for a 10-day auction ending the evening of Tuesday, July 28th at 6:35PM Central Time, and you can see her here:


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And if you're not yet in the market for an original but would still like to have little Angel in Lilac for your own - for only $1.70 you can get her as a beautiful postcard from Zazzle here (it defaults to 8 postcards, but you can order 1 or 1000, just change the quantity!):

"Angel in Lilac" POSTCARDS - only $1.70!

I have a lot of my other paintings available now in postcard form up at Zazzle, you can see them here:

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Until next time...


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