Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Getting ready for Dragon*Con......

Got all my paperwork in by the 15th, whew! It's always a scramble, especially this year.

Matt & I are getting ready for Dragon*Con - http://www.dragoncon.org - in Atlanta (Septemer 4th - 7th this year).

Exciting news - I am of course down in the Art Show again this year as always - but this time I'll be in my own special area! Instead of being in the long rows of galleries/tables I'll actually have my own separate little "island" in the art show - my table will be in the middle of my own booth area with all my art show panels all around me. Should be a great setup, I'm very thankful!

Art show of course is again in the Hyatt Regency at the very bottom level.

So this year takes a little bit extra planning - in the past at Dragon*Con it's always been table along the wall + panels out in the middle in the gallery area, so the booth/island layout this time is a bit different. But better! You can't miss me, hehe - I'll be right there!

Matt is already working on some phenomenal frames & triptychs, etc. for the show, and I have MANY new original paintings planned. I'll also have tons of canvases, prints, figurines, jewelry, merchandise & more as usual. This should DEFINITELY be the best Dragon*Con ever, I'm excited. It's such a fun convention too, I love the hotel & love going with Matt to Trader Vic's, etc. And that Atlanta Aquarium - I love it.

Tigrillo (our little feral refugee) is eating well and using her litter box! She's even gotten out and explored the bathroom a bit, she was in the bathtub this morning, crouched low with her ears down. She keeps hiding her head behind a hanging grey towel too - I think she thinks we can't see her when she does that, lol.

I'd better get back to painting - "Rainbow Sherbet" is the new fairy painting I'm working on now! Those of you on My Facebook can watch me post in-progress shots while I paint - just check in my Mobile Uploads folder up there!

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