Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Nice to be at home!

We're home in Florida!

Been about a MONTH since we were here last. So much to do, yardwork/housework/utility bills to get caugh up on, etc.

Today also we're picking up a cat from the vet. "Tigrillo" we've been calling her - she's a feral cat that has lived in the alley behind our house for the past half year or so. A VERY emaciated (weighed in at 5 lbs for an adult cat!) silver tabby-like thing. We finally trapped her after a receiving a warning notification about a local rabid raccoon by our house. So about a month ago we took her in the trap to the vet to get spayed & vaccinated. Lo and behold (being a WILD feral cat) she bit a vet tech right BEFORE getting vaccinated and they had to keep her in Florida State Rabies Quarantine for the past few weeks. She's healthy though, and they've since spayed & de-wormed her, so now we're going to pick her up and take her home.

We're going to try to acclimate her for indoor living (as this area is NOT safe for outdoor cats - too many other wild animals, alligators, etc.) and try to tame her as an indoor cat. Our current cat (Mama Wolf) was also a feral rescue, as was our little Quan-Yin of years past. So we're used to little wildcats. Hopefully she won't be tooooo much more trouble (she's already racked up $1000s in vet bills and I've never even touched her or petted her once, lol), and maybe someday she'll be a sweetie like Quan-Yin was or Mama Wolf is today.

I'll keep you all updated!
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