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Jasmine's JOURNALS (with matching pens!) - and NEW BIG Pacific Trading Statues!

Hi everyone!

New Pacific Trading products for you today! Statues & journals - very exciting!

I will have a new update soon with new artwork as well, I just thought in the meantime you may want to check out the new merchandise!

To see all of my currently available ORIGINAL paintings - click below (some are ending soon!!):

Jasmine's Original Paintings

Okay - now on to the new stuff! First off - the new JOURNALS! These journals are gorgeous - almost like a resin statue that is a journal (if that makes sense!). These are made by Pacific Trading and are available NOW on their website (they will ship next month, so get your order in now!). There are five designs - "Fairy Voodoo," "Devilish Fairy," "My Three Kitties," "Bat Wings," and "Mermaid of the Deep". Each journal is hand painted resin on the front, and each comes with a free matching pen for you to write with! Wonderful for journals, address books, spellbooks, etc.! To see the journals, click below:

Jasmine's Journals

Next are the new STATUES from Pacific Trading. These are very different in one BIG way - they are MUCH larger (more than twice as big) as my other Pacific Trading figurines/ornaments from my Strangeling series. Basically they have taken five of my most popular Strangelings ("Poppy Garden," "The Secret of Notre Dame," "Red Ribbon Fairy," and "Golden Guitar Fairy," - and they have made them twice as tall and have sculpted them with more detail (the wings on "Notre Dame" are a whopping 9" wide, making it one of my largest statues to date). Rather than being the hanging ornaments as in the Strangelings series, these are more along the lines of STATUES that are made to sit on a shelf, or display, or knicknack wall, etc. These are fantastic! You can order them online at Pacific Trading today! They will be shipping out next month, so be sure to get your order in early.

Jasmine's BIG Statues from Pacific Trading

Also if you are having any problems with links working, etc. simply go to www.pacifictradingonline.com and type JASMINE in the search box on the mid-right hand side of the screen.

There are TONS of my products up there now, check it out!

They are even cuter in person! The photos aren't great really, but they give you a good idea of how they look

And again - I don't make or sell these products myself, these are all made & sold by Pacific Trading. So if you have questions about these items above - don't ask me, instead ask Pacific Trading, please! You can call Pacific Trading toll-free here: 1(800)464-1136 or contact them online here:


And also - I have been working very hard on my Zazzle store - to see all everything just visit:

Jasmine's Zazzle Store

Specifically I've been adding tons of new Postcards (only $1.70 each):

Jasmine's NEW Postcards

And new T-Shirts (including designs for Men as well as women - loads of Skulls, Halloween stuff, Green Man, etc.) here:

Jasmine's New T-Shirts!

Until next time...

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