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New "Little Miss Muffet" Original Painting & New Stuff & New Prints!

Hi everyone!

Getting ready to go wait around at the hospital since my nephew Fox should be born any minute!

In the meantime.....

I have a brand new original painting to show you - a VERY pretty painting called "Little Miss Muffet". The latest in my long-running fairytales series, she's starting at just ONE PENNY! In addition I have new items in my Zazzle store (bags, totes, TONS of T-shirts), and also this week's SALE PRINTS ("Mermaid in Rococo" "My Tentacled Friend" and "Brother Raccoon")!

First off is the new original painting - "Little Miss Muffet" is the title - the latest in my long-running Fairytales series. Some of you may remember the other Miss Muffet I painted about 8 years ago - I thought I'd paint another one since I'm a better painter now, hehe. This one is BRAND NEW - Little Miss Muffet - sitting on her tuffet - (or in this case by some creepy vines) - and the SPIDER (who in this case wouldn't really scare anybody - he's too cute!). What a fun painting! She is 16"x20" - an original acrylic painting on 2" thick cradled masonite - READY TO HANG - GALLERY STYLE - NO FRAME NEEDED - and is up for sale on eBay - a ten day auction starting at ONE PENNY with no reserve - yes, a penny - ending on the evening of Sunday June 28th 7:17 PM Central Time- you can see it here (go see this one, really it's cute & pretty!):

"Little Miss Muffet" ORIGINAL PAINTING

To see any of my other currently available ORIGINAL paintings, just click here -

Jasmine's Originals

Next up - new merchandise in my Zazzle store! Some of my favourite paintings are now available on T-Shirts and totebags too! These are GORGEOUS! And also.... ALL OF THE SHIRTS are available in all sizes (up to 6x), are available for both men and women (even babies and children) and all colours (look at the preview though to get a good idea of how they look on different colours - some go better than others). It's quite simple - if you see a painting you like on a shirt, even if the picture shows a young lady wearing that painting on a red shirt, you can then click the "Select a different shirt style" link and switch it to men, or child, etc. Then pick the style of shirt - like tanktop, sweatshirt, V-neck, etc. Each style of shirt has different size & colour options. Some only go to XL, but some go to 6x so keep looking if you want bigger sizes. Some are pastel or light colours and some are dark colours. The price varies a lot - you might get the shirts cheaper than the listed price if you pick a different style, etc. Same with the totebags - they come in different sizes & styles, you get to customize them yourself! Visit my Zazzle store by clicking below:

My Zazzle Store!

Good news! "Mermaid in Rococo," "My Tentacled Friend" and "Brother Raccoon" are all now this week's SALE prints! Check it out - here are all my current sale prints:

Or individually..... "Brother Raccoon" 8x10 SALE PRINT $9.99

& "Brother Raccoon" 12x16 SALE PRINT $20

"Mermaid in Rococo" 4.5"x18" SALE PRINT $20

"My Tentacled Friend" 4.5"x18" SALE PRINT $20


Until next time...

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