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TONS of new T-Shirts - getting ready to go to Kansas City

Today was spent mostly getting our hard drives and other files backed up - getting ready to go visit family up at our little house in Kansas City tomorrow. For those of you not in the loop, Matt & I built a little secondary home/studio to use as a painting & shipping center when we're up there visiting family. Our main house of course is here in Florida, but we go visit our families a lot up there so we had to build another house! Luckily having the little house means I don't even have to stop painting for more than a day, with never any delays in shipping or orders =)

While I was waiting for the computers to do their thing today, I created several dozen new shirts up in my Zazzle store! I have been SWAMPED by you folks asking for different pictures on shirts & other products. Don't worry - this store is a work in progress, and tons more things will be added on a daily basis.

Also - to answer 50% of the questions I've been getting, hehe - ALL OF THE SHIRTS are available in all sizes (up to 6x), are available for both men and women (even babies and children) and all colours (look at the preview though to get a good idea of how they look on different colours - some go better than others). It's quite simple - if you see a painting you like on a shirt, even if the picture shows a young lady wearing that painting on a red shirt, you can then click the "Select a different shirt style" link and switch it to men, or child, etc. Then pick the style of shirt - like tanktop, sweatshirt, V-neck, etc. Each style of shirt has different size & colour options. Some only go to XL, but some go to 6x so keep looking if you want bigger sizes. Some are pastel or light colours and some are dark colours. The price varies a lot - you might get the shirts cheaper than the listed price if you pick a different style, etc.

Again, ALL SHIRT IMAGES ARE AVAILABLE ON ALL SIZES / STYLES / SLEVE LENGTHS / COLOURS / MENS/WOMENS/KIDS. You don't need to request that I make a different shirt with that same image - you do that yourself by clicking the "Select a different shirt style" link. Hope that helps!

Click HERE to see the Zazzle Store

(and scroll down and click the "T-Shirts" link under Product Types to see the shirts! Tons of them!

Or use this thing below:

create custom t-shirts at Zazzle

Enjoy! Off to finish packing, I'll be in Kansas City in not much longer. Baby Fox isn't born yet - maybe he's waiting for us!
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