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Jasmine's NEW Strangeling Figurines - Season 5! 14 New designs at Pacific Trading - order now!

Hi everyone!

Great news today! Series FIVE of my "Strangelings" from Pacific Trading is now available online for purchase! Small painted resin figurines - some sit, some stand, some are hanging ornaments - some are GORGEOUS little boxes - all are adorable - there are FOURTEEN new ones today, now in stock at the Pacific Trading Online website. Yay! For those of you who collect them (or those who would like to start!) - there are now 60 (I think it's 60? maybe more?) of the Pacific Trading figurines in total. Wow. To see the Strangelings - click below - this takes you to see the new ones on page 3 (there are three pages in all - be sure to click on page 1 & 2 to see the previous issues!!!)

Here are the NEW statues & statue boxes:


"Mermaid of the Deep," "La Sirena," "Lovely Eyes," "Aztec Princess," "Fairy with a Butterfly Mask," "A Clockwork Valentine," "Mechanical Angel I," "Mechanical Angel II," "Atlantis Mermaid," "A Clockwork Pumpkin," (all statues) and "Fairy Voodoo Box," "Doomed from the Start Box," and "Skull Stealer Box" - all new!

First off - if you would like to see absolutely all of my merchandise at Pacific Trading (they have around 170 items of mine - statues, jewelry, ceramics, all sorts of decorative items) - just click or copy&paste this link here:

ALL Jasmine's Stuff at Pacific Trading!

Or go to www.pacifictradingonline.com and type JASMINE in the search box on the mid-right hand side of the screen. SCROLL DOWN to see the newest figurines. And use the Page 2, Page 3 & Page 4 links at the very bottom of the screen to see everything - there should be around 170 items in all!

They are even cuter in person! The photos really don't do them justice!

Or again - if none of these links are working in your browser, just go to pacifictradingonline.com and search JASMINE in the search box on the mid-right hand side of the screen!

Enjoy! Back to work I go.......new paintings coming soon! And some other awesome new merchandising stuff.......

Until next time...

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