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New picture frame, Fox is due today.....

Amber's baby, my soon-to-be-nephew Fox is due to be born today! I wonder if he'll be born on his due date!! I posted this pic at Facebook but thought I'd post it here - Matt has started making all-wood frames for my original paintings (when we were in Germany we studied many of the gorgeous frames at the Alte Pinakothek and did some research!) - this is carved out of a single piece of poplar wood! I'm in the middle of gold-leafing it right now, it's going to be gorgeous. I'm also working on the painting for it today - hopefully we'll have the whole project completed tonight!

This is just the first of some spectacular framing/painting joint projects Matt & I will be working on. Specifically we'll be doing some magnificent Renaissance, Gothic, Medieval, Baroque & Rococo frames that will be divine. In the future I'm trying to resurrect some of old style altarpieces and triptychs (as I've done somewhat in the past, but on a much grander scale). I'm planning out pieces for Dragon*Con & FaerieCon this fall - should be very impressive if all works out! Now, enough gold leaf - time for breakfast and then painting!
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