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Jasmine's New Native American Fairy ORIGINAL PAINTING - Raccoon! And Vacation Ordering Info....

Hi everyone!

I have a brand new painting for you tonight - inspired by a true story. "Brother Raccoon" - an adorable original painting with a Native American/Animal theme - HUGE at 24" high - and ready-to-hang - starting at just one penny! Also a quick head's up that I'm going out of town again shortly, shouldn't affect much, but I thought I'd let everyone know as usual =)

On a side note - thank you all for your condolences about Azrael, my cat who passed away yesterday. I have not been feeling myself lately with his illness and his passing, so please bear with me if I'm not as talkative as usual. Please also I do ask that while I appreciate the sentiment, please refrain from sending emailed messages as my inbox is overflowing with everybody's kindness and I am too overwhelmed to talk about him right now, and am not able to keep responding to everybody about him. He will be missed, he was my baby =(

I'm going to be out of town shortly (off to Europe, away from my computer for just a few days). Orders already paid by tomorrow June 1st at noon EST will have already shipped, no worries! Otherwise, no hurry on payments - wait until I'm back home, that's fine. My eBay Store is in "Vacation Mode". Don't worry - all the listings are just hiding temporarily. They will pop back as soon as they get back home. PLEASE feel free to bid as usual on all of my original painting auctions, ACEO auctions, and #1 canvas auctions- none of my active auctions will be affected in any way - I'll be back in gear in plenty of time to ship with no delays. You may notice that about 1,000 of my store listings have "disappeared" - don't worry, they will magically "reappear" as soon as I'm back. I should be back online by MONDAY, JUNE 8th! All email, computer correspondence, processing & shipping will resume on MONDAY, JUNE 8th! You can still buy stuff on my website too of course in the mean time, it just won't be processed or shipped until I am back home.

All righty - "Brother Raccoon" - the title - a Native American themed painting (having some Native heritage myself, I thought I would incorporate that into a painting!) of a beautiful big eyed fairy/angel girl holding an adorable raccoon. Here at my house we have a raccoon that visits us at night - peering in our back door with his paws on the glass - we call him "Brother Raccoon" and as he's the inspiration for this piece, I have titled it as such. It is a BIG painting - 24" high by 18" wide - very large and very cute - READY-TO-HANG - 2" thick birch cradled masonite with black painted edges - no frame needed - Matt has already put a hanger on it! It's up on eBay at just ONE PENNY - for a 10-day auction ending the evening of Wednesday, June 10th at 7:16PM Central Time - you can see it below:

"Brother Raccoon" 18"x24" ORIGINAL PAINTING

To see all of my other currently available original paintings (again BID WITH CONFIDENCE - my absence will not affect the auctions or shipping - I'll be back home soon!), click below:

Jasmine's Original Paintings


Until next time...
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