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Jasmine's Original Alice in Wonderland Painting & New #1 Canvas Prints - all at one penny!

Hey everybody-

Visited Azrael a couple more times at kitty hospital. He's on a more aggressive treatment to see if he'll respond at all, they should call us around lunch tomorrow to let us know his numbers and if there's anything we can do to help him. I just hugged him and petted him for so long, my poor baby. I'm trying to keep busy so I won't worry my stomach away too much today.

Last night we had a visitor - a very cute raccoon at the back door. He and Mama Wolf (our other kitty) touched paws through the glass of the door - it was so adorable. I've started a new painting of a raccoon today (should be done tomorrow, we'll see how things go). He was the cutest raccoon ever.

Tonight I have an ORIGINAL painting for you up for auction tonight - it is "Alice and Lewis" - this is a re-listed auction (some of you have most likely seen it before!) - I have had to re-list it due to a nonresponsive/nonpaying bidder, unfortunately (for them!). Please folks, serious bidders only - I hate having to file Non-Paying Bidder reports with eBay, ugh. But - their loss is your gain. Somebody will get a second chance to take this beautiful painting home! And yes - she is starting at just ONE PENNY again! Additionally, I have the #01 Hand Painted Lt. Ed. Canvas prints up for "Mermaid in Rococo," "Vivid Wings," and "My Tentacled Friend" all up for auctions - all starting at just ONE PENNY!

First off is the original painting (again) - the 23rd original painting in my very popular "Alice in Wonderland" series - "Alice and Lewis" the title - a rather different interpretation of the classic character - this time shown with her creator -author Lewis Carroll (Charles Dodgson), seeming to gaze down upon his creation. Alice looks a bit bedraggled - but hey, she's been through a lot! The colours are subtle, almost sepia at times - giving the feel of a Victorian photograph. I really love this painting! There's almost an ominous feel to it, something I can't really describe. READY TO HANG - 2" deep cradle on the sides painted glossy black - no frame needed. She is 18"x24" - very large - and yes, this is the ORIGINAL PAINTING - NOT A PRINT of any kind.and she is up for sale again on eBay - a ten day auction starting at ONE PENNY with no reserve - yes, a penny - ending on the afternoon of Monday June 8th 6:09PM Central Time - you can see her here:

"Alice and Lewis" ORIGINAL PAINTING NOW on eBay - yes, it's the ORIGINAL!

To see any of my other currently available ORIGINAL paintings, just click HERE!

Next I have the new #01 Lt. Ed. Canvas Prints - each is one of a kind - hand embellished by me, signed & numbered #01 out of 25. Here is your chance to scoop up the very FIRST one - #01/25 of each edition. Each is starting at a penny, with no reserve for a FIVE-day auction (four days now!) ending on the evening of 10-day Monday June 8th 6:00PM - 6:06PM Central Time.

"Mermaid in Rococo" 4x18.5" Lt. Ed. CANVAS PRINT #01

"My Tentacled Friend" 4x18.5" Lt. Ed. CANVAS PRINT #01

& "Vivid Wings" 11x14" Lt. Ed. CANVAS PRINT #01

Enjoy! I'm going to get back to painting a raccoon and thinking positive thoughts about animals.

Until next time...
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