Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Kitty (mostly a post for family, etc.)

We were supposed to be leaving for Kansas City (going up for a long visit to our little house up there, to visit family and await the arrival of Amber's baby Fox), but Azrael has been sick. We had to wait over Memorial Day weekend for the vet's office to open up, and now he's in the kitty hospital. We'll know more soon, hopefully tomorrow. We love our vet and they are so nice about letting us in to visit him whenever we want.

So we're kind of in limbo here, definitely staying home here in Florida since Azrael is at the hospital. I'm supposed to be going to Munich for my birthday (leaving the third) so we'll probably wait and drive up to Kansas City after we're back from Europe. We'll probably then stay up there in our KC house a bit longer since we'll be arriving a bit later than we'd planned.

I'm so worried about Azrael, his kidneys are failing him, he's ten years old, he loves us so much - when we visit he just covers us with kisses. The house feels empty without him and Mama Wolf keeps looking for him.

Gonna try to paint now and take my mind off of things. I need to make some ACEOs. I'll definitely keep everybody updated! I just thought I'd post this to explain why I've been a little quiet lately and also why I'm currently home in Florida instead of visiting folks up in KC as planned.

Thank you all for your thoughts and kind words about kitty, he is a very loved beastie.
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