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Jasmine's Back with a GORGEOUS Snow White Original Painting, prints - Alice & Lewis, Crown of Shells

Hi everyone!

I'm back from my trip - had a FANTASTIC time as always! It was our eighth Disney Cruise! And it was 100% FREE. I used my Disney Rewards points and paid for the whole thing with rewards (including on board extras, I rock!). I have one of those Disney rewards Visa cards and I pay it off every day, so I never have any balance, and haven't paid a penny of interest - I just build up TONS of rewards points on it, and cash them in for free cruises, mwahahah. Had a great trip as always (even better since it was free!).

I'm home here in Florida now for just a few days - then it's up to Strangeling Studios North (ie, my little secondary home studio up in Kansas City) around the time my sister Amber is having her baby Fox. Then it's off to a VERY short jaunt to Europe for my birthday (lol, I am the QUEEN of discount/free vacations!). Busy times. Nothing that will interfere with business or orders (as I now have that shipping/printing center in KC to work while we're up there).

Now though, I'm back home and have been painting all day - in fact, I have a wonderful new ORIGINAL painting for you! One of my best, a gothic fairytale piece featuring Snow White and her Animal Friends! HUGE in an ornate arched golden frame, painted with a depth & smoothness the level of which I haven't attained before - I'm in love with this one! (For those of you on Facebook - this is the one I've been posting progress shots of throughout the day!). In addition I already have the SALE prints for "Snow White and Her Animal Friends" from only $9.99, as well as other SALE prints - "Alice and Lewis," "Crown of Shells," and "Vivid Wings," - all on sale from $9.99!

"Snow White and Her Animal Friends" is of my best, I'm very proud of this one - I can't stop staring at her! The most recent installment in my Fairy Tales series - here we have Snow White sitting in a forest glade with some cuddly critters - a raccoon, some bunnies, a baby deer, a squirrel, and a chipmunk! There is a smoothness and depth to this painting that is so lovely. A deep and slightly gothic ominous feeling keeps it from being too cutesy, I promise. And guess what - it is FRAMED! Yes, you get the FRAME too - and it is gorgeous! This is the ORIGINAL ACRYLIC PAINTING on a 16x20 masonite panel - framed by my wonderful husband, Matt. This frame is really something special - the frame measures 33" high by 29" wide, a heavy wood frame featuring an ARCHED window - lavishly ornate and highly detailed. The gold leafed ornate open wood frame really suits the posh look of the painting, it's quite striking in person and can be the focus of any room. Since this is a special painting, framed, highly detailed, ready-to-hang, and such - she is going up in my eBay store gallery at a fixed price where she will remain until purchased - otherwise she will be travelling with me as one of my "showpieces" to some upcoming shows & conventions if nobody snaps her up now. You can try making a "Best Offer" if you'd like too, but I'm not letting this one go for too low, hehe. You can see her below:

"Snow White and Her Animal Friends" 33x29" FRAMED ORIGINAL PAINTING

To see any other available originals (some are accepting "best offers" even!), just visit my Original Paintings section of my store here:

Jasmine's Currently Available Original Paintings

Next up - if the original painting is out of your budget - no worries - and no WAITING - Open edition SALE prints of "Snow White and Her Animal Friends" are now available as well! Only $9.99 each for the 8"x10" prints and only $20 each for the 12"x16" prints. To see all of this week's SALE Prints together, click below - I also have "Alice and Lewis," "Crown of Shells," and "Vivid Wings," - all on sale from $9.99!:

ALL Jasmine's New SALE prints are HERE!

Or individually, click the links below:

"Snow White and Her Animal Friends" 8x10 SALE $9.99 PRINT

& "Snow White and Her Animal Friends" 12x16 SALE $20 PRINT

& "Alice and Lewis" 8x10 SALE $9.99 PRINT

& "Alice and Lewis" 12x16 SALE $20 PRINT

& "Vivid Wings" 8x10 SALE $9.99 PRINT

& "Vivid Wings" 12x16 SALE $20 PRINT

& "Crown of Shells" 8x10 SALE $9.99 PRINT


Until next time...
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