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Hi everyone!

Just a short update tonight (I'm mired in commissioned work right now) - I have the new #01 Canvas penny auctions up for "Kali," "Alice Descending," and "Butterflies in Colour." Also I have put more dogtag/ID necklaces up in my Etsy shop - including the new design featuring "Mending a Broken Heart" on one side and "Autumn is My Last Chance" on the other side.

First off - dogtag/id necklaces! I have a new design - Mending a Broken Heart/Autumn is My Last Chance, and also I've re-stocked many of my other dogtags, so check them all out! These are double-sided metal pendants, complete with chain, featuring gorgeous reproductions of some of my most popular paintings. All up on Etsy! At only $11.99 each, they are a bargain - you can even put several tags on the same chain to carry your collection of artwork around with you. Again - they are double-sided, so they feature a different painting on each side - very cool! Since Etsy is a site for artists to sell their handmade goods, that's where I put my more "crafty" stuff when I have it. Etsy is FREE to register, it only takes less than a minute, and is even easier to use than eBay (everything is a fixed price, you just buy it and checkout!). Some of these are selling already, so they may go fast. I apologize if some are sold out If you guys like these, I will definitely make more!!

"Mending a Broken Heart/Autumn is My Last Chance" dogtag necklaces are here

To see ALL the dogtag necklaces, CLICK HERE!

If that doesn't work in your browser, try going to:


And click on the "Dog/ID Tag Art Necklaces" section link near the top right of the page.

And finally, I have the long-awaited #01 (first of the edition) Limited Edition Hand Embellished Canvas prints for "Kali," "Alice Descending," and "Butterflies in Colour." Each is hand embellished in acrylic paints by me, signed & numbered. These are three of my long/skinny paintings so the canvas prints are sized a little unusually - 4" wide by 16.5" in height, on sheets of canvas measuring 11"x17". Each up for a "starting at a penny" FIVE DAY auction ending the night of Thursday May 14th 6:00PM - 6:06PM Central Time, and you can see them below.

All the New #01 Canvases are HERE!

or individually.....

"Kali" 4x16.5" Lt. Ed. CANVAS PRINT #01

& "Butterflies in Colour" 4x16.5" Lt. Ed. CANVAS PRINT #01

& "Alice Descending" 4x16.5" Lt. Ed. CANVAS PRINT #01

And as usual - to see all of my current original paintings up for sale/auction - click below:

Jasmine's Original Paintings

Enjoy, and have a great weekend, everybody!

Until next time...
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