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New "Crown of Shells" ORIGINAL, also my COSTUMES - yes, my Fairy Costumes for Halloween, etc. - YAY

Hi everyone!

Great news for you today! Exciting stuff! First I have a brand new gorgeous framed original painting available - "Crown of Shells"! Then in other good news I have photos & info regarding my upcoming line of Halloween Costumes that will be out this fall! They are so pretty!!!

Firstly - Crown of Shells - a magnificent portrait of a maiden - probably some mermaid princess (she's got a bit of a haughty look to her) with a shining crown of seashells. Her bust is accented with seaweed and coral, and (as I do obsess on) a nautilus shell. I've got loads of seashells lying around my art desk here and this was a wonderful excuse to paint them! This really is a lovely painting! And she is FRAMED in a dark wood toned classic frame that really sets off the colours nicely. She is 18" high and 15" wide with the frame, an original acrylic painting on a 14"x11" masonite panel. She's up in my eBay store for a Buy-it-Now price (or of course, feel free to make your Best Offer - I consider all offers and am never insulted!) Visit the link below to see her:

"Crown of Shells" 18"x15" FRAMED ORIGINAL PAINTING

I have a lot of other fantastic originals up on eBay this week too - check them all out (these are all of the original paintings I have available for sale right now). Now that the art show season is over (for a couple of months, at least, hehe!) I've turned on the "Best Offer" option on ALL of my original paintings. If any price is out of your budget on the framed original pieces, just click on the "Make Offer" button at the top and make me your best offer! I'm never insulted (hehe, there are always those hopefuls who offer a dollar or a penny - never bothers me!) - and consider all offers. To see all of my current originals, click below:

All Jasmine's Original Paintings

Next up - my HALLOWEEN COSTUME LINE! I'm so stoked about these! They won't be out until a little later this year, but I have advance photos of the costumes on the models for the packaging. AND I have a list of confirmed retailers/stores that will be selling the costumes this year too! They will be all over the place at all the usual costume/party/Halloween stores. I have made a new section of my website for them - you can see them all here:

Click HERE to see the Strangeling Costumes

Or go to www.strangeling.com and click on COSTUMES!

I'm thrilled to announce that I have partnered with California Costumes (leaders in the industry!) to create my line of gothic fairy costumes known as the Strangeling collection. These are BEAUTIFUL, detailed costumes inspired by my artwork! Costumes include Sea Star, Skulls & Stars, Butterfly Masquerade fairy, Red Riding Hood, and Pumpkin Pixie. This is really a sneak preview - the costumes will be in stores all over the place late this year. In addition to being good Halloween costumes, they'd also be great for fairy festivals, dress-up, renaissance fairs, or just having fun! Some elements could even be suitable for day-to-day wear (necklaces!) This costume line is aimed at tween/teen sizes and features many accessories such as wings, tights, gloves, etc. all based on my original paintings. In addition, each costume COMES WITH A MATCHING CAMEO / CHOKER NECKLACE FEATURING MY ART! Anticipated retail value of each complete costume will be UNDER $40 - how great is that? If you have any questions, please don't email me - rather email the good folks at California Costumes - ccc@californiacostumes.com or call them at 323-262-8383. I apologize in advance that adult/plus sizes are not available. Keep in mind though things like necklaces wings & other accessories can be for any size! If you have suggestions regarding future sizing or other questions/inquiries, suggestions for other sizes/policies, please do not email me (I can't help you!) - instead, please email California Costumes - ccc@californiacostumes.com . If you are a retailer or distributor and are interested in carrying the costumes in your store, please email inquiries to California Costumes - ccc@californiacostumes.com or call 323-262-8383.



Or go to www.strangeling.com and click on COSTUMES!

And yet another disclaimer (please really do read this for my sake and for my husband Matt's sake - don't bombard us with emails first, LOL!) - Please note - I do not work for California Costumes nor any of the stores above. Nor do I stock the costumes, ship them, nor do I have any inside info regarding orders placed, shipping, sizes, materials, accessories, availability, paintings selected for costumes, nothing like that. Basically I just do the original artwork that inspire the costumes, and post this info as a courtesy for my fans!! SO - if you have questions regarding California Costumes policies, products, availability, sizes, suggestions, ordering, wholesale, distribution, etc. - please email inquiries to California Costumes - ccc@californiacostumes.com or call them at 323-262-8383. Please don't email me, hehe - I can't help you with stuff like that!

Here are some of the places that will sell the costumes (these have already been confirmed!) They're not in stock yet, but will be later on. You can look at their websites to find locations near you!:

PARTY CITY (one of my favourite stores!):











Party America:







and more! I will update with more info as it comes to me =) Have a great weekend everybody!
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