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LAST CHANCE WARNING on many of Jasmine's Lt. Ed. Canvas Prints - almost SOLD OUT!

Hi everyone!

A quick note for you today - I thought the day would never come, but I'm running out of some of your favourite canvas prints!

So - Matt warned me the other day that quantities were running out on some of my Limited Edition Hand Embellished Canvas Prints, so today I took inventory and holy cow, he was right! You see, "Limited Edition" really does mean LIMITED, hehe. With each painting I do, I make an edition of 25 hand painted prints on canvas. #1 and #25 are auctioned off (since some collectors prefer the first or last of an edition), but the rest are sold on my website, eBay, Etsy or at art shows. Some of them are almost completely sold out, with only a couple left, so I thought I'd send out this warning to let you guys know in case you'd been waiting on any of these or had your heart set on one!

The canvases in danger of running out are "Allura," (three left) "Priestess of Quetzalcoatl," (only TWO left) "Bringer of Lightning," (only TWO left) and "Sea Beacon" (only TWO left as well).

I have gone into Etsy and into my website and marked these four as SOLD OUT. I have then gone into my eBay and entered the quantites there. So once they have sold out of eBay, those will no longer be available to buy online EVER. (other than re-sales or the #25 auction of course - and competition might get fierce there). So if you are EVER going to want any of those hand embellished canvas prints, go grab one as soon as you can (before somebody else does!).

Many other canvas prints will be running low on inventory soon too - even some newer ones that are selling fast. To avoid disappointment, I always suggest ordering a canvas as soon as you know you for-sure want one. Sometimes if one is particuarly popular I'll sell a few of them a day, and 25 doesn't stretch that far! Limited Edition really does mean limited quantity!

So if you have your heart set on Allura, Priestess of Quetzalcoatl, Bringer of Lightning or Sea Beacon - here are the links to the only ones left for purchase online (they're now SOLD OUT on my website, etc.)


"Priestess of Quetzalcoatl" CANVAS PRINTS - only TWO LEFT

"Bringer of Lightning" CANVAS PRINTS - only TWO LEFT

"Sea Beacon" CANVAS PRINTS - only TWO LEFT

And again - quantities on many other canvases are quickly declining too, so if you have a favourite you want to make sure to purchase, you may consider snagging yours sooner than later! Just visit www.strangeling.com to see the Gallery full of canvas prints still available!

Enjoy! I'll have a proper post with a new painting, Mermaid Portholes, HALLOWEEN COSTUME NEWS, and more soon!

Until next time...
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