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i feel yucky today. my throat is sore and my ears ache. i'd better feel good by time i leave or i'll be angry. at whom i'm not sure...

matt is at work. today is the one evening a week i'm scheduled, but i didn't go. i think i'm going to quit working my five hour a week job. while it does look nice on paper to say i am gainfully employed (however part-time), i find myself dreading it so much that it can't possibly be worth it. it really puts a damper on my weekend, and i really do make more money by staying at home and painting!

we are going to visit the apartments we like in florida on tuesday, and i'm excited. i'm really ready to move whenever, if they have any one-bedrooms available pretty much anytime next year i'd be ready to sign up. i'm trying to total up how much i have made in the past year (they ask you that sort of thing when you fill out paperwork for that stuff). if for some reason they don't want to count my self employment as a job, matt probably makes enough. or of course, i can have my dad co-sign for us (he did that for our first apartment when we didn't have any rental history). or i could offer to pay for the whole year's rent up front - ouch (i know a girl who did that because she had bad credit). i probably shouldn't worry. i have great credit and an excellent rental history. this little apartment we're living now is cheap - it's $530/month, but our previous apartment was about $780/month, and we always paid on time, etc. i just don't like having to be "approved" for things. i find it unnerving. when we eventually buy a house i would love to have a shitload of money saved up so i can just buy it outright. or at least put down like 50% for a downpayment.

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