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wow, another entry!

hehe.. i'm actually updating again! i'm going to do my best to make sure this livejournal doesn't become the online equivalent of my many childhood diaries that are empty save for the first three pages!

let me see.. i drew two pictures today - they're already up on eBay! i received a lot of nice comments on my last "Tattooed Fairy" piece, so i've decided to extend the series to include at least a few more. the first one is based on Angelina Jolie - she's got tons of tattoos (some of them rather garish) and the other is an Asian-looking fairy with the Japanese symbol for "Dragon" tattooed on her arm. it's neat - "Dragon" in Japanese actually looks kinda like a little dragon. i've flirted on and off with the idea of getting a tattoo. i've decided that before i ever got one i would make a ton of the same temporary tattoos (i can make them on my printer) and force myself to wear them in the same exact place, day in and day out for a year or so. that way i could get a good idea as to whether i would get bored sick of it or not. it would also key me in to situations (if any) that having a tattoo would be a liability that i hadn't thought of before. i would definitely design my own though! there is a girl out in california who has my "wood nymph" painting on her back - she emailed me a picture of it, but i can't find it now (so if you're reading this, or anyone else has my artwork as a tattoo, email me a pic!). matt's at work now - i'm always more likely to paint when he's at work for some reason. he's usually tickling me or something when he is home =)

i haven't heard from kachina & amber yet - i suppose they're having too much fun in Disney World to call their dreary older sister =P

i spent a lot of time looking at stuff about the area we're relocating to next spring (Celebration, FL).

Click here to see the apartments we're most likely moving to!

We'll be living in one of the one-bedrooms (we're visiting in a couple of weeks to talk to the apartment people). $715 or $815 a month - not really that bad - comparable to the suburbs around here. Not to mention they'll be almost twice as big as our current studio apartment!!! Anyway, i'd better go paint some more. byebye!
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