Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

My Yeti!

My friend and longtime customer Justine (aka Tinkywitch) surprised us at the Celebration Art Festival last weekend with one of the COOLEST things ever!

You know my little Yeti guy that I paint sometimes? Like in Below Zero or in My Very Strange Valentine? He's a special character to me, he and his girlfriend remind me of me and Matt (like in my icon!).

Anyway, at the art show Justine came and surprised us with a PERFECT plush version of him that she totally made herself! He is exact in every way, even his claws. Amazing - we were speechless!

I thought I'd post a couple pics - here I am hugging him:

and here is Justine & Matt with his Yeti:

I told her she should make more to sell on Etsy for folks who want their own Jasmine Yeti! We shall see.... ;)

Thank you so much to my wonderful friend/collector Carmen for snapping the photos!

We had such a wonderful time at the show. Now though my walls are bare! We sold so many paintings, I can hardly remember them all. The Violet Duchess is gone, Poe is gone (I had to find a new home for her, as her original collector had a medical emergency), Steampunk Carousel is gone, Rapunzel in Rococo is gone, Pet Trilobite is gone, Nautilus Princess is gone, a ton of the other small paintings I brought to the show are gone.

But no fear, I'm painting more. I finished the Mother's Day painting for the Bradford Exchange Holiday Flag series yesterday, and I'm finishing up the "Fourth of July" fairy painting for the Holiday Flag series today. After I get approval on these I'll post them. I can't sell prints as per the licensing contract but I can definitely sell the originals =)

We'll be up in Kansas City visiting family for Easter so I'll be in Strangeling Studios North (that's what I call our new little secondary house up there) for a while. It's fun having two studios/houses. It's confusing though too, trying to remember what supplies I have at which house, or remembering to pay homeowners association fees on a house that's 1250 miles away =P

Today though, I need to do the Fourth of July painting and then finish doing my taxes. It's kind of ironic painting a fairy sitting on an Uncle Sam hat the same day I fork over all my money to said Uncle Sam, lol.

Okay, off to painting I go. Here's a picture of Matt & I in our art show booth =)

Oh yes, check out my only original paintings LEFT here:

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