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Jasmine's New PENNY AUCTION - Original Still Life Painting - ACEOs & New CILM Pack!

Hi everyone!

I've been busy after the show this weekend - catching up on commissioned work for the Bradford Group. Yesterday I finished up the "Mother's Day" painting for my Holiday Flag line, and right now I'm in the middle of the "Fourth of July" painting for the Holiday flags too. After I get approval I will post pics!

Tonight though..... I have a new PENNY AUCTION for an original painting for you - the original FRAMED "Still Life with a Mermaid"! I very rarely offer framed originals for just a penny, but I thought I would do it this once to make up for those of you who weren't able to come to my exhibition last weekend. I also have a handful of brand new ACEO Cards for you as well, and a new CILM graphics pack!

First off is the new original painting - "Still Life with a Mermaid" - a beautiful, HUGE, framed piece - 30"x24" in size, one of my best paintings to date. And again yes, it really starts at one penny to give everybody a chance. A still life! Sort of, there is a wiggly little mermaid in there too. Being a fantasy artist I don't paint "from life" often (it's hard to get faeries to sit still). But I enjoy traditional still lifes a lot, so I thought I'd do one with a fantasy touch. So I set up a lot of my favourite sea shells by my art desk, arranged them nicely, shone a light on them and painted them (they're mostly from Shell World down the street, hehe). I'm very proud of this painting, it's quite different from most of my other pieces and I'd like to paint more along a similar vein. There's a conch shell, a starfish, and an abalone in there (that's what the mermaid cutie is lounging in). FRAMED! Yes, you get the FRAME too - and it is gorgeous! Again - this is the original painting, on a masonite panel and it has been framed in an open wood gold leafed Oval Cutout Victorian/ornate style frame. The posh ornate frame really suits the classical feel of this piece, it's quite striking in person and can be the focus of any room. She's up on eBay starting at ONE PENNY for a 7-day auction ending the evening of Tuesday April 14th at 6:09 PM Central Time.

"Still Life with a Mermaid" 30x26" FRAMED ORIGINAL PAINTING

Now for the new ACEOs - for more info about ACEO cards, how I make them & what they are (basically tiny hand embellished one of a kind canvas prints, trading card sized and highly collectable), consult the individual auction descriptions - they are each one of a kind, hand-painted with accents by me, the artist, and are awesome! All are each starting at a penny, with no reserve for seven-day auctions ending on the evening of Tuesday April 14th 6:00 PM - 6:06PM Central Time:

To see them ALL together, visit the ACEO section of my store HERE!

Or individually:

"Steampunk Carousel" - a SET OF THREE ACEO CARDS!

& "Faces of Faery II" ACEO

& "Loup-Garou: LA Forêt" ACEO

And then finally - news for those of you folks who are online image/graphics hobbyists - makers of tubes, signature tags, websets, members of the groups for PSP and other image/graphics groups. I have a brand NEW graphics package up at CILM! The new package (package "CC") features some of my best & most popular paintings, including "Voodoo in Blue," "Mending a Broken Heart," "At the Masquerade Ball," "Poppy Fairy" and more! There are also the options up at CILM to buy a "Combo Pack" where you can get of my previous packages at a discounted sale price!

Click HERE to see the fabulous new "Package CC"

and click here to see the new "Combo Pack" options

and click here to see ALL of the dozens of packs available

If you're not familiar with online graphics as a hobby - you might want to look into it. It's a FUN way to spend time doing something creative, without the whole "having to paint something yourself" part, hehe. You get to create your own designs and graphics on the computer using my paintings, officially and with my blessing. For ANY questions regarding usage of my images as tubes or tags, this is handled by CILM (not by me myself) - you can contact them here:


or call them: Customer Service Number Call (toll-free in the USA): 1-877-264-2456


Until next time...

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